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The Fairest One of All

#34—Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Synonymous with animation, Walt Disney built an empire on the little cartoons he created in the 20s. Starting with a rabbit, Disney revolutionized the way audiences viewed animated shorts. 404 more words

Film Review

30DDC- Day Seventeen

Best Eyes

I have to admit, I couldn’t come up with a great answer for this. I did know this much: whatever character I chose would likely have stunning blue eyes. 83 more words

30DDC- Day Sixteen

Favorite Singing Voice

Lots of Disney characters can sing well- it’s practically in the job description- but for me, one stands out above the rest. 83 more words

30DDC- Day Fifteen

Favorite Romantic Moment

This was another tough one. However, I’m trying to vary my answers a bit- I already used Belle and Beast, Cinderella just rules everything in my book, and while “Kiss the Girl” is swoon-worthy, Ariel and Eric just don’t quite do it for me overall.   93 more words

30DDC- Day Fourteen

Favorite Villain

Scar is ruthless, Judge Frollo is personified evil, and Dr. Facilier has really bad friends. (Captain Hook is just ineptly fantastic.) Props to them all. 103 more words

30DDC- Day Thirteen

Favorite Outfit

Don’t Disney ladies get the best fashions? (FYI- we’re almost halfway through the challenge!) This is so true that like the animal sidekick post, I couldn’t choose between my top two. 86 more words

30DDC- Day Twelve

Favorite Non-Animal Sidekick

Okay, this is gonna be a really weird answer. This character isn’t so much a sidekick as he is a fun supporting character, but I have always adored him and he therefore wins the day. 73 more words