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Alice Through The Looking Glass Wishlist

It has been six years since Disney released the live action Alice in Wonderland so it’s only fitting that on May the 29th we finally get to go Through The Looking Glass. 193 more words


Look for the, bare necessities

Disney are pretty much making live actions of all the old animations. Are they as good as their originals? Probably not but visually, they will be marvelous. 664 more words


Y : Yen Sid

Too bad we can’t end on because what better way to end this A to Z challenge than with a classic Disney character based on the master himself. 310 more words

Walt Disney World Vol. 1: Magic Kingdom

How did a mouse changed the world?

A man with nothing but dreams created a world, unlike any other place any one has ever seen or even dreamed about. 65 more words

Posts I Like

And here’s part two, hopefully you enjoyed part one and can’t wait to see my all-time favourite 5!

5) Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose – Tony Hsieh… 340 more words


Episode 4: Whatever happened to Brother Roy (Disney)?

We discuss Walt Disney, Roy Disney, random TV series, and SINGING!!!!

Please make sure to review and subscribe to us on iTunes, and share our podcast with your friends and family! 7 more words


Top 10 things you MUST do at Animal Kingdom

“You made it! I knew you would!”

Another blog entry, another top 10. This time we finish off the parks and head to the Animal Kingdom. 1,605 more words