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A Bad Day in the Cretaceous

We didn’t go there on our visit to the South Island, but we weren’t too far away.

And it’s an interesting story that might someday be repeated and lead to our demise. 1,272 more words

Moving To New Zealand

2004 BL86

The Zeppelin story really inspired Di and me, and we marveled about the energy some people have to make their dreams a reality. Humanity has really achieved a lot in our seemingly (at least geologically) short time on Earth. 574 more words

Tuesdays With Di


We have all heard someone comment, “You know, I never thought that kid would grow up to be famous.”

Several of my relatives began saying that to me in the 1980s when they started to run across news reports about one of my childhood friends from the 1950s. 2,333 more words

Revelation, Innovation & The Status Quo...

The 1997 Apple commercial above has been forever embedded into both the history books and boardrooms all over the world as a mantra for innovation, progress and challenging the status quo. 821 more words

From The Outliers

Archicebus achilles, the Oldest Known Primate

One day, some 65 million years ago—at least, so it is thought to have happened—a meteorite, some 10km in diameter, smashed into the earth’s surface, throwing up an enormous dust cloud which darkened the skies, occluding the sun’s irradiance and lowering global temperatures. 1,083 more words


The Asteroid that Killed the Dinosaurs

The hypothesis that an asteroid collision was the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurs has been around for several decades now, but recent research… 711 more words


March 2012 Public Talks by Walter Alvarez

Announcing two public events with

Walter Alvarez

(University of California at Berkeley)


Geologist, best-selling author and dinosaur-extinction authority

Walter Alvarez is Professor Emeritus of Earth & Planetary Science at the University of California, Berkeley. 226 more words