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Freedom by Jonathan Franzen - Review

Jonathan Franzen

Fourth Estate (2010), 562 pages

Book Depository, €17

Country: USA 

The United States is “the land of the free” but what, exactly, does freedom mean to an American family living in a modern world filled with uncertainties, infidelities, hopes, and disappointments?  1,276 more words

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This week I found a “manic pixie dream girl” in a 1928 French novel, tried to get in the head of Walter Berglund, and learned that William Styron called Dorothy Parker “my little crumpet.” Full reviews here.


Walter and Patty, Settling

The resolution of this novel is extremely abrupt and unresolved. It’s almost feels like Franzen said “Welp, six hundred pages are enough I should probably just cut it off here.” But, I suppose it’s obvious how things will play themselves out between Patty and Walter-just as they always did. 490 more words


Notes: Nine (or so) Reasons Why I Can’t Stop Reading 'Freedom' by Jonathan Franzen

I aim for no responsibility or reportage in this posting, I just wanna shoot from the hip, and say why I just cannot put this book down. 763 more words

Review: Freedom by Jonathan Franzen

With the wide acclaim Jonathan Franzen has received since the release of the National Book Award winner The Corrections, I expected his writing to blow me away. 916 more words

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Review: Jonathan Franzen's Freedom

One of my problems with reading contemporary fiction is that it’s easy to be too affected by the reviews and the general reception a book is receiving – I’ll read the book, but resist buying into the praise it’s been receiving. 926 more words


Jonathan Franzen: The Corrections' success made me miserable

Award-winning author Jonathan Franzen talks to Metro about the horrors of success and the vital role of the novel in today’s virtual world.

Poor Jonathan Franzen. 800 more words