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The Year of Fear

“As you know, we live in a fearful society that is devoured by anxiety. And we imagine in our anxiety that there are extreme “security” measures that will make us safe. 74 more words

Canadian Society

The Cradle Fund: A Bridge for Shalom in the Middle East

A few months ago in Capital Commentary, I shared some ideas from the biblical wisdom tradition about shalom and the vital work of repairing damaged and broken lives and relationships, socially, economically, and politically, whether domestically or internationally. 811 more words


Symbols Without Meaning

Religious symbols or rituals are a fairly common things. We even have symbols and rituals for what we would consider non-religious aspects of life. We have graduations and degrees done as a symbol of knowledge and education. 1,126 more words


A Prayer for Super Bowl Sunday

Today is the day on which people in the U.S. consume more food and alcohol than on any day except Thanksgiving. Celebration. Getting together with friends. 496 more words

The Gap Between God's Plan and Ours

It’s funny how differently you can think about certain stories after you read them a number of times. You’d think that after going through a certain story multiple times you would stop being surprised or encountering new things and ideas. 934 more words


Eerdmans All Over: January 30, 2015

Welcome once again to Eerdmans All Over, a Friday roundup of all the Eerdmans-related news, reviews, interviews, and other interesting online content we can gather in a given week.  682 more words

Eerdmans All Over

What To Read...

I am currently reading N. T. Wright’s Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church. And I must say it is one of the most enjoyable reads in long while. 274 more words

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