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Psalm 8 - What Is a Man

Today’s passage: Psalm 8

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Going by Brueggemann’s classification scheme, this is the first time since Psalm 1 that we’ve seen a psalm of orientation. 363 more words


Psalm 4 - The Trust of the Argument

Today’s passage: Psalm 4

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David begins this psalm by asking God to respond to his prayer; however, he immediately turns and addresses a group of people who “love what is worthless and aim at deception” (v.2). 366 more words


Psalm 3 - Divine Right Hook

Today’s passage: Psalm 3

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Biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann has a useful three-category schema for understanding the Psalms. First, psalms of orientation describe the status quo, a place where everything makes sense in our lives. 286 more words


Overworked, Overstressed, And Underblessed: Being Like God Is Knowing When To Stop

Hey, are you feeling like you’re at your end?  Sometimes, is it all too much?  I know I feel it; overworked, overstressed and definitely underblessed.  See, I hear you wigging out already.  857 more words

Brueggemann on Bible

Nobody’s interpretation is innocent.

Citing 2 Samuel 24 & 1 Chronicles 21, Walter Brueggemann argues for the plurality of interpretation even within the Bible itself. This seems scary to me on the basis of my background, however, I do remember a sermon given by the interim pastor at my first church, a “moderate” (which is still quite conservative) Church of Christ, in which he argued that the unpardonable sin of blasphemy isn’t unpardonable after all.

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Easter in the Belly of Nothingness

Here is a timely prayer by Walter Brueggemann from his book Prayers for a Privileged People (Abingdon Press 2008).

Easter in the Very Belly of Nothingness… 257 more words


American Jesus

The United States has the second highest obesity rate in the world.

Despite easy access to proper nutritional information, healthy food and clean water, as a nation we remain committed to unhealthy, and ultimately deadly, behaviors and beliefs. 512 more words