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[On Sabbath] Restlessness and Recreational Idolatry (Amos)

WARNING: Uneven Chocolate Break detected! But it still tastes the same.

Today’s Chocolate: Green & Black’s Organic Mint Dark Chocolate

Today’s PassageAmos 8:4-10… 578 more words


[On Sabbath] Exodus 5:1-9: No-Sabbath Zone

Today’s ChocolateTheo Orange 70% Dark Chocolate

Today’s PassageExodus 5:1-9

In our study on the Sabbath today, like yesterday, we’re looking at a letter-for-letter appearance not of the English word “Sabbath,” but of the Hebrew word  439 more words


Psalm 89 - Sucker Punch

Today’s passage: Psalm 89

Today’s chocolateEndangered Species Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans topped with Justin’s Almond Butter

It’s your birthday. You come home to your dark house, and just as you’d expect, as soon as you turn on the lights, everyone jumps out and yells, “Surprise!” Except it’s not your friends. 380 more words


Psalm 81 - Mandatory Fun

WARNING: Melty Chocolate detected! Please dispose of melted chocolate as quickly as possible in the nearest approved  Chocolate Disposal Receptacle.

Today’s passage: Psalm 81… 274 more words


Summer Reading / Playlist

Things have been pretty quiet over here at the blog lately. Between end-of-summer festivities and the start of a new school year, it’s just been awfully busy around here lately. 695 more words