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Psalm 48 - Oh Great, It's Time to Praise God

Today’s passage: Psalm 48

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As I read these psalms by the sons of Korah, I find myself wondering about the process of their composition. 395 more words


Psalm 47 - With God on Our Side

Today’s passage: Psalm 47

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Here we have another hymn of triumph, an ode to God’s majesty. 268 more words


Bond the Holy Fool

Goldeneye was the first James Bond film in which M, the head of British intelligence, was played by a woman. In her first scene with Bond, she eviscerates him as an anachronism in a world moved past the misogyny and sexual objectification of the 1950s Bond novels. 771 more words


Psalm 42 - Where Is Your God Now

Today’s passage: Psalm 42

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You may know Psalm 42 as the psalm with the thirsty deer simile. 559 more words


Psalm 40 - You're Gonna Praise

Today’s passage: Psalm 40

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Shortly after I began reading Psalms for Chocolate Book, my church started a series on the Psalms, titled “Honest to God.” … 483 more words