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Just Shy Of Infinity

Who would have thought? I mean, who would have thought that when I was 25 years old and utterly convinced that Marjorie Barstow’s approach to teaching Alexander’s work was superior in every way to the stiff, postural, ritualistic procedures that had come to be known as the Alexander Technique, … 970 more words

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"Don't let anything get you down..."

Some people go to a monastery to make a retreat…me, I return to Paris. Paris, according to a close friend of mine, is my spiritual place. 606 more words

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Ode to my Bicycle

My bicycle is now ensconced on its trainer. With it I am rehabbing my knee. It’s a very retro hybrid bike, a Bianchi Milano Alfine. You know I am fond of things French, but for a bike, gimme an Italian Bianchi any day. 1,078 more words

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Nigeria The Underperformer The dangerous mix of corruption and poverty, by Walter Carrington.

A former United States ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Walter Carrington, speaks on the challenges of corruption in Nigeria and the mismatch between growth and poverty as it relates to the much touted VISION 202020. 3,879 more words

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Let me make this clear: I obfuscate. When I talk about “my teacher” — well “my teacher” is more than one person. “My teacher” is a conglomeration. 442 more words

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The First Training Course in 1931: a different perspective

I was very curious to try and understand what Erika meant when she said there was essentially no difference between the ‘styles’ of Macdonald, Carrington and Barlow because “ 1,875 more words

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Being with Erika: #08, "It's all the same", London, 1993

A lot of teachers wanted to come and meet Erika, so I organised several half-day workshops over a period of two weeks in my apartment in West London. 728 more words

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