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It's A New Year - Truth Is Very Difficult To Find

For a great many years my late father, John T. Work (1923-2005), went through a sort of ritual each morning.  Following breakfast and coffee he would sit and read the local newspaper from the front page to the last.  666 more words

Genocide: Stalin's Great Famine Still Haunts Ukraine

Eighty years later, there’s no denying the Soviet atrocity.

 “We went to a field. We had nothing to eat. Everything was taken from us. So my mother decided we would go to the field, find some half-frozen potatoes, some kind of vegetables, to make a soup. 1,408 more words

War Room

Marxism Deserves A Second Look

The left thinks that they are winning…and they are – in the sense that Charlie Sheen was “winning” as he lost his mind and immersed himself in drugs and hookers a while back. 946 more words


There is probably no truth in the rumour.....

……..That post Leveson, the National Council for the Training of Journalists will be renamed The Walter Duranty Centre for Responsible Journalism, in order to fit in with the brave new world of journalism that the National Union of Journalists , the Labour Party, naïve tragedy victims and sleazy celebrities approve of. 73 more words

Religion, Politics And Everything Similar


Mostly online petitions are counter productive, their sole effect usually being to allow signatories to let of steam. Petitions serve to give the concerned the illusion that they are taking action when they are merely adding another name to a petition which will usually be ignored. 962 more words