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A Bauhaus education for the 21st century?

We are familiar with the clean functional lines of the influential modernist Bauhaus school of design founded in Weimar, Germany by Walter Gropius in 1919. The Bauhaus school was more than a training ground for designers, it was based on a set of values which influenced their whole approach including the educational philosophy underpinning their programmes. 592 more words


Getty awards over $1.75 million to fix crappy concrete in "Important Modern Buildings"

Rietveld Schröder House

“Modern architecture is a defining artistic form of the 20th century at considerable risk, often due to the cutting-edge building materials that characterized the movement.” -Deborah Marrow… 212 more words



Is the sun finally setting on Walter Gropius’ Bauhaus?

Walter Gropius brought together various engineers, architects and artists to do under one roof, what they had always done in separate buildings in the past. 176 more words


Stylish Illustrations Showcase Brilliant Quotes From Iconic Architects

Architects are, of course, best known for their aesthetic sensibilities. But as a series of illustrations by Barcelona-based architect and graphic designer Federico Babina (whose work we’ve… 107 more words


12th May. 15 (3) Further Reading

Notes on www.designhistory.org:

  • Symbols function as an ‘alphabet of human thought’-devoid of educational/language barriers
  • A pictogram is an image that represents an object that should be understood across language and education barriers…
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To the Memory of an Angel, Part I

The so-called “Second Viennese School” of Austrian composers consists of Arnold Schoenberg and his two students, Anton Webern, and Alban Berg.  There is part of me that very much identifies with the music of Webern, and another part that finds a kindred soul in the music of Berg.   791 more words



Until recently, I was ignorant of the fact that there exist a few UNESCO World Heritage Sites close to where I currently live (Lower Saxony, Germany). 313 more words