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Broadcasting Legend Walter Jacobson: "I really honestly don't have a for and against" in the race for mayor

Broadcasting Legend Walter Jacobson joins John Williams to discuss how he will make his choice for the race for mayor. Then, he talks about the time he almost put his own name on the ballot for mayor of Chicago. 12 more words

John Williams

Walter Jacobson's Perspective 01-27-19: Mitt Romney "The Poster Politician"

Walter Jacobson discusses the dishonesty and flip-flopping hypocrisy of American Politics and using the most recent examples Romney’s comments on Vladimir Putin and the hostility of towards the United States. 11 more words

Walter Jacobson’s Perspective

Walter Jacobson's Perspective 01/20/19: Ed Burke Not Running For Mayor

Walter Jacobson gives his insight and perspective on the upcoming Chicago Mayoral race. Even though Ed Burke is not running for mayor, is he still a key figure in the race for candidates such as Susana Mendoza, Tony Prekwinkle, Bill Daley, and others? 16 more words

Walter Jacobson’s Perspective

Broadcasting legend Walter Jacobson: "Chicago is a news and politics crazy town"

It’s the Steve Cochran Podcast! It’s totally different from the Steve Cochran Show because it’s not on the air. Joining Steve for this week’s edition is the one and only Walter Jacobson! 22 more words

Steve Cochran

Walter Jacobson's Perspective 01/13/19: Can We All Agree On Something?

Walter Jacobson gives his perspective, on the Democrats winning the midterm elections against President Donald Trump and the Republicans. With Democrat majorities in the House Of Representatives, and loss of the midterm elections, should President Trump deserve credit for the losses during the midterm elections? 14 more words

President Donald Trump

Walter Jacobson's Perspective 01/06/19: Spending Time Thinking About The Wall

Walter Jacobson gives his perspective about how he can’t stop thinking about the wall President Trump wants to build. Walter’s been looking all over on facts on illegal immigration. 18 more words

President Trump

Walter Jacobson's Perspective 12/30/18: A Happy Anniversary To One Of Chicago's Finest Attractions.

Walter Jacobson gives a friendly “Merry Christmas” to the Art Institute Of Chicago. With nearly a million square feet, art history spanning decades upon decades, Walter gives his perspective and insight as to why the Art Institute is one of Chicago’s most iconic attractions. 12 more words