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Walter Jacobson's Perspective 02-18-18: Cook County Taxes.

Walter Jacobson gives some insight into the property taxes that are due on March 1st. Are taxes really all that fair and accurate? Walter explains how a study by the Chicago Tribune, may suggest something different. 20 more words

Chicago Tribune

Walter Jacobson's Perspective 02-11-18: Mayor Rahm Emanuel's biggest opponent.

Walter Jacobson gives his thoughts on how Mayor Rahm Emanuel may have an opponent in Garry McCarthy, could the former Chicago Police Officer be running because of revenge? 20 more words


Walter Jacobson's Perspective: Trying to find good news in politics.

Walter Jacobson gives his opinion on trying to find good news in politics these days and why you can look no further than Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel as an example. 19 more words


Walter Jacobson's Perspective 01/28: Campaign Commercials for the Illinois Governor.

Walter Jacobson gives his view on the recent campaign commercials for Governor Bruce Rauner and J.B Pritzker. With all the money being tossed around for these commercials against each other, do these campaigns portray a good image for Illinois as an option for the new Amazon headquarters? 20 more words


Walter Jacobson's Perspective 01/21: Trash-talking politicians

Walter Jacobson gives his perspective on the political scene and the numerous racism and stereotypes that are appearing around us this winter. 19 more words


Walter Jacobson's Perspective: Could President Trump get re-elected?

Walter Jacobson offers his perspective on the possible re-election of President Donald Trump, and why he believes that there is a big possibility he could be back in office. 19 more words

President Donald Trump

Chicago TV Legends Bill Kurtis & Walter Jacobson on the 45th Anniversary ‘THE 10 O’Clock News’, The Changing Landscape of Broadcast News over the Decades

Bill Kurtis and Walter Jacobson, who’ll mark the 45th anniversary of their pairing on CBS 2’s “THE Ten O’Clock News” in 2018, joins Dave Plier to talk about their history together, their groundbreaking newscast that set the tone for news reporting across America and the changing landscape of broadcast news over the decades. 18 more words

Dave Plier