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Film editing with Walter Murch

Good editing makes the film look well-directed. Great editing makes the film look like it wasn’t directed at all. (Victor Fleming – 1939)

Movie editing has never been an easy job, it requires hard work, super sense of detail, deep knowledge of story-telling, color theory, music, etc. 849 more words

Apocalypse Now

One breath, one blink

A few weeks ago, my wife, who is a professional podcaster, introduced me to the concept of the “breath” in audio editing. When you’re putting together an episode, you often find yourself condensing an interview or splicing together two segments, and you can run into trouble when those edits interfere with the speaker’s natural breathing rhythms. 1,011 more words



Walter Scott Murch was born on 12th of July 1943 is and American film editor and sound designer. His career started in 1969 and in his career, he edited film such as ‘Apocalypse Now’, ‘The Godfather’ I, II and III, ‘American Graffiti’, ‘The Conversation’ and ‘The English Patient’. 264 more words

Papers on Practitioners


My film practitioner choice is British director Edgar Wright, co-writer and creator of the television show ‘Spaced’, along with some more widely popular films: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. 742 more words

Lucas's Art Film: THX 1138

THX 1138 (George Lucas, 1971) –

Weirdly, this was my first time seeing this film.**  It’s a movie that has hovered around the edges of my awareness, but I always sort of considered it a film for… 1,031 more words

The Relationship between Metaphor and Ambiguity in the Film Soundtrack

Metaphors are the most important linguistic tools at our disposal. They play a huge part in helping us to make sense of the world around us. 3,119 more words


Return to us

Yesterday, I was leafing through my copy of The Conversations: Water Murch and the Art of Editing Film, in which the novelist Michael Ondaatje interviews the movie editor whom Lawrence Weschler has called “the smartest person in America.” Murch, who worked on many of the films of Francis Ford Coppola and directed… 1,095 more words