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The enduring wisdom of The Rule of Six in editing

-Senior Editor, Nick Jones

As editors go, Walter Murch is one of the more well known ones. Famous as both Sound Editor (Apocalypse Now!), Film Editor (The Conversation, The English Patient, Cold Mountain), and Writer and Director; Walter Murch is a seminal voice in the world of editing and post-production. 175 more words


Blazing the trail

When I’m looking for insights into writing, I often turn to the nonliterary arts, and the one that I’ve found the most consistently stimulating is… 1,324 more words



 Walter Murch in his book ‘In the blink of an eye’ mentions our his ‘Rule of Six’. These are criteria for what makes a good cut. 161 more words

Film editing with Walter Murch

Good editing makes the film look well-directed. Great editing makes the film look like it wasn’t directed at all. (Victor Fleming – 1939)

Movie editing has never been an easy job, it requires hard work, super sense of detail, deep knowledge of story-telling, color theory, music, etc. 849 more words

Apocalypse Now

Week 03 - Assignment - "The Conversation"

Assignment – Watch “The Conversation”.

“Working” – Synopsis (without spoilers!): Harry Caul is a private investigator who specializes in developing gadgets that capture people’s conversations from afar. 193 more words


One breath, one blink

A few weeks ago, my wife, who is a professional podcaster, introduced me to the concept of the “breath” in audio editing. When you’re putting together an episode, you often find yourself condensing an interview or splicing together two segments, and you can run into trouble when those edits interfere with the speaker’s natural breathing rhythms. 1,011 more words


Week 03 - Lecture - Foley & Murch

Megan and I presented on Jack Foley and Walter Murch. We both did research on our respective person and came together to teach each other what we learned so that we could both present on both people. 110 more words