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Reflection Paper on Walter Ong's Orality and Literacy

What is a “second orality” and what good things are recovered in the shift back to a culture of orality? What do you think Ong’s word of advice would be for the contemporary church culture? 1,085 more words

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We Keep Going Ong and Ong about This Technology Thing

In Writing is a Technology that Restructures Thought, Walter Ong reminds us that humans have, essentially, been making the same complaints against technology since the Middle Ages. 514 more words

8. Wherein the Writer Gets Fictionalized

As per Andre’s recommendation I dug into Walter Ong a bit recently, specifically “The Writer’s Audience is Always a Fiction,” and I found a lot of the ideas he expresses there really apply to games. 2,558 more words

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Oral Memory, Storyline and Characterization _ Walter Ong

The shift from orality to literacy registers in many genres of verbal art. Of these, the genre most studied in terms of the orality-literacy shift… 3,344 more words


First We Write, Then We Fail

  1. “Any serious student of serious realities will shrink from making truth the helpless object of men’s ill-will by committing it to writing.” Plato, Seventh Letter…
  2. 291 more words
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The Decay of Twitter - The Atlantic

The social network fundamentally changed in early 2014. And that’s causing big problems for the company.

Source: The Decay of Twitter – The Atlantic

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Walter Ong, orality & literacy

For Patrick Roesle’s curated month on media and technology over at the Town Crier, I wrote about Walter Ong‘s Orality and Literacy and its relevance for new communications media. 31 more words

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