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Communication Theory, Cognitive Sense Analogues, and American Sign Language as a Foreign Language

UPDATE: Wonderful news! The ad hoc committee members in favor of accepting ASL as a legitimate foreign language, with all institutional benefits that implies, were successful in making their case to the SUNY Student Mobility Steering Committee and Office of the Provost. 3,112 more words


Orality and Literacy Revisited

“‘Tis all in pieces, all coherence gone,” lamented John Donne in 1611. The line is from An Anatomy of the World, a poem written by Donne to mark the death of his patron’s daughter at the age of sixteen. 1,519 more words


Blog prompt #1

Next week, we’ll explore Neuromancer from a number of perspectives: why the novel is considered one of the founding documents of the cyberpunk science fiction sub-genre, Gibson’s theory of science fiction as a form of history, what the novel might have to tell us about the close bodily relationship we have with technology and how these relations shape our ideas about what the “self” is, about technology as both a mental and physical prosthetic, and about how access to technologies (or the lack therof) establishes relations of power. 445 more words