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Top 5 TV Shows That Excelled in Character Development

There are several television shows that appeal to different viewers, and many of them have came and went. Networks that take shows in only maintain the best that have good ratings and a solid viewership. 687 more words


A Life in Parts - Bryan Cranston

This summer seems to have been the era of Hollywood biographies! I have gone through quite a few of these audiobooks this summer. Not my usual fare but it has been fun to break out a little, especially since I have been in a long romance rut in 2017. 695 more words


Whitby Abbey & Cliffs from the North by JMW Turner. 1801.

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During the summer many an excursion train, or ‘chape trip,’ as the natives say, brings thousands of the hardworking population of the West Riding, to enjoy a brief holiday by the sea.

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Netflix Presents Willem Dafoe Power Hour (Death Note & What Happened To Monday)

Instead of a Grab Bag & Review, this week I will be doing three reviews! Wow. That’s a whole lot of reviewing, and a whole lot of movies. 1,355 more words

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Breaking bad

I know I am a couple of years late with this post, but I have just finished Breaking Bad this afternoon. It had been on my ‘to watch’ list for quite a long time, and when I had some free time on my hands I decided to rent the first season in June. 860 more words

What up, Biatch?

This post is basically a Quora answer I had written for the question:
Why is Jesse Pinkman ‘liked’ so much by fans?

This is my perspective, hope you like it! 335 more words


Tips on What to Bring to the Supermarket - Breaking Bad Season 2 Episode 3 Review (Bit By a Dead Bee)

  • This is a solid, if unremarkable episode that really slows down after the breakneck tension of “Grilled”.  There are a couple of things that bother me about this episode but it was a necessary step from the insanity of the Tuco plotline to the more down-to-earth family stuff.
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