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Breaking Bad: Heisenberg 

Breaking Bad is a show about the drug trade and the drug war parallel alongside it but it’s really a show about criminal capitalism. The unchecked, unfettered, ‘invisible hand’, Adam Smith style, free market which knows all and dictates all type of capitalism. 2,022 more words

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Batman, Hero or Villain?

Why has American society responded so well to the television anti-hero? Shows like Breaking Bad, Hannibal, The Sopranos, Bates Motel, and Dexter, have dominated our screens and have catapulted their major characters, who often engage in activities that bring into question their hero status, into household names. 1,953 more words

Better Call Saul - "Inflatable"

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This week’s episode of Better Call Saul opens in the summer of 1973, with an establishing shot of a magazine rack reminding us of the downfall of Richard Nixon. 446 more words


Breaking Bad: Walter White 

When a man finds out he’s terminally ill and has got a very short time left, many things can happen. He can fulfill his bucket list like Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman did in the movie The Bucket List and attain some form of enlightenment and self-actualization or he can do the opposite and make a fuck-it list. 2,131 more words

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Algumas questões existenciais de Breaking Bad.

                A experiência de ver Breaking Bad tem sido bastante aprazível. A priori, tive a impressão de que estava diante de uma série simplória, presa demais ao tema do tráfico de drogas, esquecendo de boas produções focadas no mundo do crime, como filmes de Padilha e de Tarantino, autores que conseguem captar uma dimensão existencial muito forte nos fatos narrados. 825 more words