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A Review

Often, when sales are down, or when a new book does not quite meet expectations, I wonder if I am doing the right thing by continuing to write. 443 more words

Channeling My Inner Walter White

I had a Walter White moment today. Well besides cooking (food) wearing just my underwear – I do that everyday. Yeah, it’s probably best you don’t come eat at my house. 322 more words


Heisenberg FO

I’m an organic chemist by training.  I spent 15 years in the lab doing research.  There’s an old saying about the motivation of people who go into chemistry, you’re either a drug chemist or a bomb chemist. 132 more words


Inilah 5 Perbedaan antara Breaking Bad dan Narcos

Bagi yang belum menonton, spoiler alert ya! :)

Saya baru saja selesai menonton 2 season Narcos, serial besutan Netflix yang dibuat berdasarkan kisah nyata seorang bandar narkoba kelas kakap dari Kolombia, Pablo Escobar. 402 more words


Breaking Bad

I love drawing with pencil, especially peoples faces and the human body. They have so much detail and I feel like there’s always space for improvement. 19 more words


TV Review - Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

I am the one who reviews!

High school chemistry teacher with cancer + his former student who calls everyone “bitch” = show that most critics would agree is the best television show of the twenty first century thus far. 1,072 more words


Trampoline nosebleed insanity

Sometimes you have to wonder how things escalate so quickly.

Yesterday, L headbutted his younger brother J (2) on the trampoline. It was no accident. An objective observer could clearly distinguish malice aforethought. 225 more words