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Why "Breaking Bad" and Walter White Matter

When AMC took a chance on writer and creator Vince Gilligan’s “Breaking Bad” in 2008, it was unfathomable to predict the significance the series would have on modern-day television and the impact it would have on the way viewers watch their shows. 938 more words


How Heisenberg’s Mom Saved His Bacon…and Ours

Anyone who knows Heisenberg knows he’d gotten himself into some deep dung on account of the work he did. What nearly everyone doesn’t know is how his mom saved his life in the midst of a grand high-stakes drama. 857 more words

Breaking Dali

You might think the only commonality between Salvador Dalí and the hit TV show Breaking Bad would be the use of drugs – I mean, how else did Dalí come up with those psychedelic, surrealist works, right? 242 more words

Top 5 Alternative Gifts For Men

Buying for guys can be hard, especially when he already has everything. When vouchers are too little and the next lamborghini isn’t quite in your budget, here are a few ideas that you may want to consider this year. 360 more words

Skyler White: The Character Everyone Loved To Hate

Maybe this is a little out of date but discussing gender on television will never get old. The portrayals on this show in particular paint an interesting picture. 361 more words


Breaking Bad: Heisenberg 

Breaking Bad is a show about the drug trade and the drug war parallel alongside it but it’s really a show about criminal capitalism. The unchecked, unfettered, ‘invisible hand’, Adam Smith style, free market which knows all and dictates all type of capitalism. 2,022 more words

Pop Culture

Batman, Hero or Villain?

Why has American society responded so well to the television anti-hero? Shows like Breaking Bad, Hannibal, The Sopranos, Bates Motel, and Dexter, have dominated our screens and have catapulted their major characters, who often engage in activities that bring into question their hero status, into household names. 1,953 more words