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The Story

So, I started watching Melrose Place. Don’t ask why, and furthermore, please don’t tell anybody! Now, I’m hooked. I might have to buy a Hulu subscription after I finish the first 32 episodes, which are on the house. 1,304 more words

Breaking Lehman

“I’m not in the meth business. I’m in the empire business.” Those are the words of a former high school chemistry teacher pushed towards the brink of insanity by his reckless, competitive nature. 335 more words

Prompt 4- Pop Culture Profundity

Advice From The Pros - Part 7

Whilst I pride myself on catching the very best of film releases from past to present, my knowledge of television programmes are a little hazy at best aside from being a Game of Thrones junkie. 230 more words


Better Call Saul

This show reminds me every week why I prefer to watch shows in huge chunks, usually a season at a time. The fuckers that created it have me fiending like some kind of junkie twitching in anticipation of my next fix. 375 more words

Streams Of Thought

Afternoon Bulletin: 1,200 Secret Pot Plants at Brooklyn Cherry Factory and More

Are Villagers getting too comfortable? Police have reported that the recent thefts of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, money, and electronics, along with official documents, all have one thing in common: unlocked doors. 470 more words

Cherry King

Hello, Daddy. Hello, Mom. I’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry king commits suicide when authorities discover underground marijuana operation.

Oh shit. That is NOT where I thought that was going. 240 more words

Cocktails And Drinks

The Core of All Our Fear


We are never afraid of what might happen.
Rather, we fear not being able to bear what might happen.
Or — on the contrary — actually being able to do so after all. 411 more words