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Public Schools and Bad Apples.

Walter Williams has written a good article detailing the pathetic state of public education in poor black ghettos. Everybody knows how bad the state of education is in these places. 1,749 more words


Blacks and the Confederacy

Walter E. Williams


Last July, Anthony Hervey, an outspoken black advocate for the Confederate flag, was killed in a car crash. Arlene Barnum, a surviving passenger in the vehicle, told authorities and the media that they had been forced off the road by a carload of “angry young black men” after Hervey, while wearing his Confederate kepi, stopped at a convenience store en route to his home in Oxford, Mississippi. 576 more words


The O'Jays - Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet, Tender, Love) (Philadelphia International Records)

Born in Canton, OH, William Powell joined the Gospel duo of Eddie Levert and Walter Williams back in 1958, along with Bobby Massey and Billy Isles… 201 more words


Some Odds and Ends

Walter E. Williams | May 13, 2015


Occasionally, I wonder whether I’m alone in some of my wonderings. Look at the claim that conservatives or Republicans have launched a war on women as a part of their overall mean-spirited agenda. 639 more words


Walter Williams: "Contempt for Liberty."

From Walter Williams, as posted to LewRockwell.com:

American immorality and contempt for liberty lie at the root of most of the political economic problems our nation faces. 638 more words


Does the free market work to reduce poverty?

From Investors Business Daily.


There has never been a purely free market economic system, just as there has never been a purely communist system.

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By Lawrence Reed:

1) At what income level (you can round down to the nearest whole dollar) do you begin to dislike people?

2) Is there any mathematical precision in your distaste?

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