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'Greeks called people "barbarians", so how can anyone act like Apartheid was a big deal?'

Walter Williams’ recent column on comparative slavery is intellectually dishonest in general, but his misquotation of abolitionist Frederick Douglass is either an especially egregious example of that, or he’s never bothered to even glance at it in context. 740 more words


The Compromise of Three-Fifths of a Person

Factual history of slavery in the United States by Walter Williams.  Here is his column with some highlights by me:

Too many people believe that slavery is a “peculiar institution.” That’s what Kenneth Stampp called slavery in his book, “Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the Ante-Bellum South.” But slavery is by no means peculiar, odd or unusual.

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Minimum-wage Cruelty

Here’s a question from Walter Williams to those who support higher minimum wage laws:

The average wage for a cashier is around $10 an hour, about $21,000 a year.

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Walter Williams Nails It

I’ve long admired Walter Williams and enjoyed his commentaries, and I want to draw your attention to the Townhall.com column he published on July 5 ( 106 more words

Public Education

Walter Williams on Rewriting History

Walter Williams has an interesting column today on the left’s tired attempts to rewriting American history. In it, I think, he encapsulates the proper way to think about this issue. 447 more words

Walter Williams and Overpopulation

In an article entitled, Overpopulation Hoax, on Lew Rockwell.com, Walter Williams argues that Thomas Malthus was incorrect in his prediction about food and population.  Williams misstates what Malthus said in suggesting that populations will have catastrophic collapses.  314 more words


Economist Walter Williams explains how to not be poor

Here is his article on wealth and poverty on Creators.

First, there is no real poverty in the United States:

There is no material poverty in the U.S.

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