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Economist Walter Williams explains how to not be poor

Here is his article on wealth and poverty on Creators.

First, there is no real poverty in the United States:

There is no material poverty in the U.S.

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Earth Day - Walter Williams Style

Walter Williams comes in with his unique brand of information on Earth Day.  I attempted to color-code this so you differentiate the various chicken little scenarios: 418 more words

A Journalist's Creed, Examined

As journalists, the debate is ongoing: what are the universal values we should hold to? Beyond the obvious legal constraints that we must operate within, there’s no accreditation board for journalists— we are really only bound by institutional or cultural codes of ethics, which of course vary widely.   1,027 more words

The Good

I No Longer Believe in the Profession of Journalism

Two years ago, on Feb.13, 2015, I wrote a post on this site titled “I Believe in the Profession of Journalism,” a line taken from the Journalist’s Creed written by Walter Williams, founder and first dean of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. 329 more words

True Commitment to Free Speech

The true test of one’s commitment to free speech does not come when he permits others to say things with which he agrees. Instead, the true test comes when one permits others to say things with which he disagrees.

Walter Williams

"We have poverty of the spirit . . ."

A Must-Listen

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Much of what see has nothing to do with one person discriminating against another or one group discriminating against another.  Problems have to do with government subsidies. 231 more words