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Liberals in a Tizzy. We must focus on what will make a difference. Is it statues?

Why do we want to remove statues and monuments? To understand it Walter Williams suggests that we need a review of the promises black and white liberals have been making for decades. 152 more words


Line of the Day

“There’s a severe political problem of so many Americans not having any skin in the game. These Americans become natural constituencies for big-spending politicians. After all, if you don’t pay federal taxes, what do you care about big spending? 37 more words

Walter Williams on White Privilege

From his article entitled “5 stupid ideas still taught on campus”  Emphasis by me.

Then there’s white privilege. Colleges have courses and seminars on “whiteness.” One college even has a course titled “Abolition of Whiteness.” According to academic intellectuals, whites enjoy advantages nonwhites do not.

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Don't Forget Average Low IQ and Lack of Impulse Control

The No. 1 problem among blacks is the effects stemming from a very weak family structure. Children from fatherless homes are likelier to drop out of high school, die by suicide, have behavioral disorders, join gangs, commit crimes and end up in prison.

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REAL State Of The Union

Thought For the Day: We Need A Moral Reawakening Against Legalized Theft

“We cannot blame politicians for the spending that places our nation in peril. Politicians are doing precisely what the American people elect them to office to do — namely, use the power of their office to take the rightful property of other Americans and deliver it to them. 141 more words

Thought For The Day

"The biggest loss when you price teenagers out of a job . . . is the experience on the job."

h/t Lew Rockwell

Terrific interview.  This may be one of the more enjoyable phone conversation that you’ve ever been invited to join.  You’ve got the great Walter Williams and the awesome Thomas Sowell.   601 more words

Thomas Sowell