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Bring To The Table

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EVEN if the concept of foreign talent is still a contentious subject for Singaporeans, there’s always one thing they welcome whole-heartedly and want even more to enter our shores – foreign food. 1,905 more words

Money Matters

Visitors Shaping in Which Web Page Viewers are Prioritized and Bandwidth is Distributed Accordingly

An emerging science, WAN optimization choices search to speed up a extensive type of capabilities accessed via allotted network customers by way of putting off redundant transmissions, staging information in local caches, compressing and prioritizing data and streamlining chatty protocols. 539 more words

Riverbed Wan Optimization

High-Speed Rail agreement between Malaysia and Singapore to be signed around Dec 21

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KUALA LUMPUR: An agreement on the High-Speed Rail between Malaysia and Singapore will be signed as scheduled by the end of the year, most likely around Dec 21, said Malaysia’s Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Abdul Rahman Dahlan. 69 more words

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PSLE system needs further change

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A child’s academic ability should not be determined by a single high-stakes examination such as the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

Even the new PSLE scoring system that will take effect from 2021 is highly stressful. 104 more words

Current Affairs

No more excuses! Get into #SDWAN experience effortlessly

SDWAN is one of the most appealing use cases. Manage the connectivity between branches thru a overlay VPN Network. Automated policies that bring a better experience for users and operators. 2,232 more words



There are many types of network system. They serve a range of purposes.

LAN: LAN is used in a small area. It typically serves just a few devices connected to it. 252 more words


WAN is a wide area network and a LAN is a local area network. A WAN are bigger but are more expensive but a LAN is not very security tight. 159 more words