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Chapter 3: Fundamentals of WANs


  • WANs and LANs match OSI Layers 1 and 2, both define cabling details, encoding, transmission speeds, data link frames, forwarding logic, etc.
  • WANs connect devices that can be far apart.
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STG Link Utilization Monitor

Have you ever needed to monitor the Utilization of a Switch or Router on a per-second basis?

With STG, AKA SNMP Traffic Grapher,(http://leonidvm.chat.ru/), this is possible.  147 more words


UCS-E160D and CIMC

As part of a vWAAS deployment on a 3945-ISR-G2, my objective was to access the UCS-E server, initially the CIMC interface for the install of ESXi and then vWAAS, via the /29 address i’d allocated. 42 more words


VMware Horizon 6 Technical Overview

Delivers Desktops and Applications through a Single Platform
Transform static desktops into secure, virtual workspaces that can be delivered on demand. Provision virtual or remoted desktops and applications through a single VDI platform to streamline management and easily entitle end users. 120 more words


Under the sea (submarine cables)

If you’ve ever wondered how data gets from one continent to another on a terrestrial level, the Submarine Cable Maps site is a pretty good roadmap. 114 more words

Techie Stuff

Case Study: SABMiller India Improves Employees’ Productivity with Riverbed Steelhead Products

SABMiller India, the second largest brewer in India and the world, has its offices, breweries, and depots spread over 30 locations in India. With multiple offices in India, it was important to have a strong interconnectivity to improve their application performance, increase bandwidth and employee productivity. 684 more words

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