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How Big Is Your WAN?

The name WAN might not be very familiar to those of you who are home users of IT however it is something that you use everyday. 572 more words


Computer Networks

Today lets explore computer networks and how they work. A network is a group of two or more computer systems linked together. One way to categorize the different types of computer network designs is by their scope or scale. 761 more words

Telehealth, Net Neutrality and A "New" Internet?

What does telehealth have to do with net neutrality? Both are the latest buzzwords and until recently, vaguely defined terms. Telehealth, although still evolving, generally entails all things involving patient care that require the transmission of data. 721 more words

Technology & Infrastructure


Down, I go slow, and sure, peace of mind, follows; azure. Wait and hear the swallows call, behind my back reserve enthrall. Once again I see the people, (Francis) calls’ rough sleepers. 42 more words


Part III Highjacked ISP + laptop demise + Birds Nest wrecked my phone service

Not to drag out this story of my technical snafus:

Hijacked WIFI…

Defunct laptop

Bird’s nest destroying my phone connection

Over the last five days various people helped me navigate the nexus of WIFI/laptop/birds/routers for which I am very grateful. 150 more words

Bird's Nest Interfere With Phone Lines

The value of Global Primary Storage Deduplication

Standard deduplication is the elimination of redundant data on a single storage system. Whether that system is used for backup or primary data, the goal is to put as much data as possible on a single storage system so that the deduplication algorithm can “see” as much data as possible. 1,111 more words


Mac Cosmetics Bao Bao Wan

Bright and early I got my Mac fixed and ordered from the Bao Bao Wan collection. I just had to get the “mystery” lipsticks,that some how made their way to the Mac site unexpectedly, causing a uproar and increasing the pocket of the Mac sellers. 297 more words