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Why Our Author Brand is More Important than Ever Before

For the past few months I’ve been focused on writing and not on social media. Hey, even the Social Media Jedi can get burnout ;) . 1,732 more words

Kristen Lamb

Armored Cars, High-Class Rifles Found At Former NSA Dasuki’s House By DSS

The Department of State Security has
revealed its findings following the
invasion of the houses of the former
National Security Adviser, Col. Sambo
Dasuki (rtd). 21 more words


Venomous and Underrated: Paralysis Ticks and Undersea Pricks

This post is the second in a two-part series on particularly potent venoms found in organisms not commonly renowned for their chemical fortitude. Part 1, which explored the stings of ants and wasps, can be found… 5,484 more words


Honorary Chick KRISTEN LAMB

Hello everyone, Kyra here having a total fan girl moment as I introduce this week’s Honorary Chick. While writing may be in and of itself a solitary process, I don’t know anyone who spends their entire writing journey living inside a box, cut off from the world. 893 more words

KickAss Chicks

You Might Be a Writer If...

A lot of “stuff” has been going on in my life lately. Hard stuff. Heavy stuff. The kind of stuff that just makes me want to write massacre scenes….except I am so brain dead I had to google how to spell “massacre.” 1,425 more words

Kristen Lamb

罠 / Wana / Trap - The back horn - Gundam 00 OST

絶望は甘い罠 鎖されたその扉

Zetsubou wa amai wana tozasareta sono tobira

Despair is a sweet trap, a door that shuts you in


Kokora ga senjou dakara dare nimo sukuenai… 334 more words

Bài Hát

Ten Ways to Tighten Your Writing & Hook the Reader

When I used to edit for a living, I earned the moniker The Death Star because I can be a tad ruthless with prose. Today I hope to teach you guys to be a bit ruthless as well. 2,051 more words

Kristen Lamb