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“Dar tu CUM faci???”

Cu un TU accentuat, tonul devenind aproape agresiv – nu constient, ci doar din nerabdare, multa nerabdare impreuna cu si mai multa frustrare. 648 more words

3 words I never thought hurt - Part 2

I’ve been thinking about this post for awhile. Not for any reason except I say these words to myself often. I realized I hear them all the time, too, but never stopped to really think about what they mean. 463 more words

Marlie Harris

Social Media is a Waste of Time for Writers---Hmmm, Think Again

We’ve been talking a lot about social media lately and I am always grateful for your comments and thoughts. This kind of feedback not only helps me improve my blog, but my also books, because I get a glimpse of your worries, weaknesses, fears, loves, and strengths. 2,165 more words

Kristen Lamb

Why Writers Should Use Twitter (and HOW to USE It Effectively)

For the last couple posts, we’ve been talking about how to use Twitter effectively. Too many writers are like Stormtroopers—lots of shots fired  tweets that hit NOTHING. 1,497 more words

Kristen Lamb

Be a Peep NOT a Pain--How to Use Twitter Effectively

Last time we took a satirical look at Twitter with 8 Ways to Make People on Twitter Want to STAB US IN THE FACE.  Here’s the deal, we are in sort of a New Gold Rush with this Digital Age publishing paradigm. 2,193 more words

Kristen Lamb

8 Ways to Make People on Twitter Want to Stab Us IN THE FACE

One would think a lot of what I teach about social media (Twitter) would be self-explanatory, but hey…we live in a world where a box of frozen corn dogs has a warning that I need to REMOVE the corn dogs from the box BEFORE placing in oven. 1,273 more words

Kristen Lamb

The Art of Business & The Business of Art---Breaking Rules to Reveal Our Audience

There are a lot of fabulous blogs and books on business, especially for writers. How to promote, do a tour, switch an algorithm, etc. But, I tend to be a broad strokes kind of gal. 2,693 more words