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Hunting for a Home: Queenstown or Wanaka?

Arriving in the South Island of New Zealand I had a decision to make. I needed to decided which town, Wanaka or Queenstown, might be my next home. 773 more words


Another long overdue update!

Kia Ora all,

So it’s been a seriously long time since I last posted which I can only apologise for. I have realised it is a combination of my inability to not talk to people in the hostels, travel sickness on the bus and my (now apparent) dislike of writing that have been the culprits in my slow blog posts. 276 more words


New Zealand 2010 – South Island – Day 6: Wanaka

Summer 16 Desember 2010. Day 6: Wanaka

Meskipun kita tidur sangat telat namun kita pagi-pagi sebelum jam 08.00 sudah bangun untuk memasak buat sarapan, cuci piring dan alat masak dan juga mandi. 2,918 more words

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New Zealand 2010 – South Island – Day 5: Glacier Trekking, Perjalanan Franz Josef ke Wanaka

Summer 15 Desember 2010. Day 5: Franz Josef, Wanaka.

Waktu pagi-pagi kita bangun, sebelum sarapan kita coba ke i-SITE karena i-SITE buka jam 8.30. Kota kecil Franz Josef hidup karena tourisme. 3,342 more words

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A walk on Lake Wanaka

Recently, I took a stroll along the shore of Lake Wanaka, in the town of Wanaka on New Zealand’s South Island. During my walk, I discovered a forlorn-looking tree standing in the middle of the water. 556 more words

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Spring Break...in August

PSA: If you’re allergic to reading, can’t be bothered to read, or just want a tl;dr visual only recap minus my potentially annoying and likely drawn out commentary, scroll down and check out the video. 1,447 more words

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