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Movie Review: Monster-In-Law

Might not be the best known Jane Fonda or Jennifer Lopez movie, but it still a joy to watch. Released in 2005 it was Jane Fonda’s first movie in 15 years Spoilers ahead. 303 more words


Wanda Sykes -- Insider Trading


Wanda discusses insider trading in her comedy bit and notes that everyone participates in some form of insider trading. While Martha Stewart may have been sent to jail for insider trading, her cousin who works at Walmart will call her and tell her not to buy certain products because they’ll go on sale next week.


Wanda Sykes -- Being Tested


Wanda Sykes describes how she tests her husband when he doesn’t even know he’s being tested. She’s okay with a sink of dirty dishes one or two days, but if it continues for much longer than she’ll extract her revenge (later in the clip she talks about how all the fury comes out when they’re having sex). 30 more words

Behavioral & Game Theory

Wanda Sykes -- Someone Else's Kids


Wanda Sykes describes how she treats her nephews is much different than how she would treat her own kids. She’s not interested in making sure they eat healthy or go to bed at a decent hour because they aren’t her children. 24 more words

Behavioral & Game Theory

Wanda Sykes, Jill Soloway Accept High Honors at Point Foundation Gala

Wanda Sykes provided the room with much laughter as she accepted the point legend award, presented by Anthony Anderson 325 more words

SNATCHED (2017): There's Something I Liked...

The trailer for Snatched, an action comedy about a mother / daughter adventure in South America had me a little hopeful. Starring Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn and directed by Jonathan Levine, I was not as enthused by the end product as I’d hoped to be. 108 more words