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Bad Moms 2016

There’s a small but significant list of great and underused comic performers who contribute bigly to Bad Moms; any film featuring Clark Duke, Wanda Sykes and Kathryn Hahn has to be a must-see. 106 more words


Wanda Sykes Booed Off Stage For Donald Trump Remarks

Comedian Wanda Sykes was booed off stage after her anti-Trump remarks at charity benefit in Boston. 30 more words


I’ve always had an easier time writing out my thoughts and feelings than speaking them. I feel uncertain and fearful of being challenged if I speak. 557 more words


Wanda Sykes Goes Off On Crowd After Getting Booed

In a video that’s trending right now you can see comedian Wanda Sykes having a mini meltdown on stage after getting booed in Boston. 94 more words


Wanda Sykes critica a Donald Trump en medio de abucheos [VIDEO]

“Luego de las elecciones tuve que comenzar a consolar a las personas. Les decía: ‘Todo va a estar bien. Estoy segura de que esta no es la primera vez que elegimos a un presidente que es racista, sexista y homofóbico… Él no es el primero. 198 more words


WATCH: Wanda Sykes Has Meltdown Over Trump - Gets Booed

Apparently Wanda Sykes didn’t learn from Amy Schumer’s failure on stage not long ago. Amy and Wanda have one thing in common: they aren’t funny. Besides not being funny, they don’t hide their hatred for anything that doesn’t fall into line with their liberal nonsense. 156 more words


Watch Wanda Sykes Go Off After Being Booed For Trump Jokes

It’s a pretty sensitive time for the country after having one of the most bizarre elections in history. President-elect Donald Trump‘s victory has caused such a major divide that it’s not even safe to make jokes about Presidents anymore. 234 more words

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