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Crimson Nights(from 2010)

My mind is clouded today, everything inside is dark.
All I want to do is go into my room and make another mark.
A thin little slice will make everything seem so nice… 110 more words

Rainy Days

I will not be a prisoner of my past.
No matter how hard, I’ll always fight.
Rainy days were never meant to last.
Pain will fade although it won’t come fast. 77 more words

Heart Wanders

My heart wanders lonely as a cloud.
A quiet mind thinks aloud.
Sheep counting sheep, fade off to sleep.
Dreams float gently through the dark…
32 more words



I look up to the sky and see a satellite passing by as I think to myself, oh how I wish I could fly.
I look up to the sky and see the stars swaying while memories in my head keep replaying. 70 more words

Day 16: Hold On & Let Go

Holding on and letting go need not be binary opposites. Both of them often occur at the same time. For instance, you choose to hold onto your humanity, and let go of what diminishes it. 21 more words


Invincibility and the future

There’s been a lot going on within my head lately. Most of the stuff that comes out of my brain is either work related, the feeling of forgetting something (I still recall the time I left the stove on) or just utter nonsense. 827 more words

Usual Nonsense

i keep losing thoughts

.   .   .

they gnaw their way off the strings

of my starving mind

College Life