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Old friendships die hard.

You and I
We go way back
To the days when I would scribble
Thinking I am penning down most important things like those adults did. 310 more words

Coffee Thoughts

The Skywalk 

On the Skywalk…

She walked every single day,

The open sky being her only company!

Strong and marching…

Dogging with thoughts,

And connecting the dots! 50 more words

Wandering Mind

I miss Thinking

In my late teens I used to go sit in all night cafe’s by myself and think for hours on end. I imagined ways in which the world could work, other universes, strange consciousness, other creatures, alien landscapes–all without a smartphone or even a book. 98 more words


Fading Footprints

Children like to play the game of following another child by trying to step in each of his footprints behind him. The child who follows will do his best to keep up, but he may let his attention get distracted while the leader keeps walking and gets too far ahead. 623 more words

Basic Material


performing mundane functions
allows the mind to float
too far from reach

© Anthony Gorman 2017

image: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/daydream-marko-arias.html

Hands In The Garden

‘X’ and ‘Y’ stories #4

‘X’ lies innumerably…

‘Y’ falls trap indefinitely!

They say ‘Y’ is fool

Not knowing ‘Y’ loved with all ‘Y’ had!

Wandering Mind

If I were a Windmill 

If I were a windmill…

I would spin a little faster,

Chase the clouds,

And enjoy the breeze!

If I were a windmill…

I would be a little colourful, 31 more words

Wandering Mind