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Top of the eve'

Good evening/morning/whatever time it is to anyone who is reading or may ever read this. This is my first post and I’m pretty unsure what I’m supposed to say. 272 more words


The Little Old Italian Man - Subway Chronicles

The first thing I noticed were the large black and white trash bags strewn around him. They were heaping, and I wondered how such a little man could carry so many big bags. 301 more words


January 25th, 2015

I do not believe that a wandering mind is a safe mind, but there are certain situations where the mind ought to wander. I have only recently been able to cope with wandering during prayer. 341 more words

Thirty Minute Journal

Daydream Believer: Is a wandering mind a creative mind?

CNN: 50% of daily cognition is spent on spontaneous cognition.  Mind-wandering is very useful for creative thought.



I got nothing.

Today was a day.

Not good nor bad.

Just a day.

When I was not in class, my mind was elsewhere.

Visiting with friends we haven’t seen in years. 85 more words

Daily Thought

Off the Coast.. : Thoughts unexpressed

It’s unfortunate how we sometimes choose to keep our thoughts and feeling to ourselves. Sure they say some things are better left unsaid but.. I don’t know. 220 more words


Here and now, ‘I love my busy mind’

This week a friend and I were commiserating about our inability to calm our minds. Coincidentally, the next day another friend posted this on Facebook: 499 more words

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