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Invincibility and the future

There’s been a lot going on within my head lately. Most of the stuff that comes out of my brain is either work related, the feeling of forgetting something (I still recall the time I left the stove on) or just utter nonsense. 827 more words

Usual Nonsense

i keep losing thoughts

.   .   .

they gnaw their way off the strings

of my starving mind

College Life

Our Debut Poetry Book


“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”   – Robert Frost

This is a book-length sequence of poems, stunning in its simple encounters with life and it’s experiences. 156 more words


Thoughts #5

Some seek glory.
Some seek peace.
Some wander about the space,
Hunting treasure in some place.
Some are lost in lust and greed,
Even more stoop to inhuman deeds. 43 more words


Getting Rather Itchy

Husband is marvellous, of course he is, or I’d not have married him. But I have been doing rather a lot of window shopping lately and I am a tiny bit in love with my landlord and an ex-fuck-buddy (who to be fair I’ve adored since 6 years before I even met Husband.) 484 more words

Spark- (Haiku)


Flickering sparks to

Forest fires that spread wild,

Is there a still flame?


Drawing a parallel between our thoughts and fire, this Haiku… 93 more words


Levi the Poet // Don't Sink // Correspondance (a Fiction)

It’s really refreshing to be invigorated by good art. Seeing a powerful performance or reading a passage that sends shivers down my spine reminds me of why I do what I do, and why am so passionate about language and its manipulation into art.

811 more words