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Like Explaining the Color of the Sky

What does it mean to be happy?

I thought I was happy. I thought I had friends. I thought people liked me. I thought my life was going somewhere. 344 more words

Happy Holidays!

Dear Readers,

It is this time of year we should look back and think about all the wonderful (and hopefully orgasmic) experiences we had the previous year and then look forward to our goals for next year. 31 more words



It all started today morning, when I was asking my friend what she was doing . She said she was packing her stuff for the holidays. 179 more words


Have you thought about (HYTA) the funny thing about living in a developed country?

          The irony about living in a first world country is that while those in the throes of poverty worry about whether they will find enough food to survive the next day, we instead spend most of our time obsessing over what we should eat next. 500 more words


Righteousness by Faith is the oldest (good) news

While I was writing this, I ended up separating a portion of this into another post, Dizzy Faith. I dont know why or how, but the… 1,606 more words


The Tree of Life was always good eating

There is no indication that Adam (mankind) was not eating of the Life Tree. Perhaps daily during the “cool of the day”? Both Adam and Havah were permitted to eat of ANY tree in the garden except for the Knowledge Tree. 1,062 more words


Dizzy Faith

For most people like me who were involved in christianity, there was a massive emphasis on faith. Debates about it, denominations and movements about it. Definitions of it and how to use it. 839 more words

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