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glowing ether. regional sci-fi. the floor is lava.

So for a long time I’ve had a hang up on this term “glowing ether”. I came up with it in the first year of college and liked it. 154 more words


village grime.'dead spaces'. aliens.

My original plan was to take a series of photographs documenting the “other side” of picturesque towns and villages in East Anglia; the side tourists wouldn’t be so keen on visiting (the ‘grimy’ bits in very inverted commas). 143 more words


Attending a wedding

Without hesitation I can say I love weddings. It is a celebration of love and the bound between two human beings, who would love to spend the rest of their lives together. 750 more words

Wandering Mind

Decision pondering

Oh its a late and I should probably sleep. But, I love to keep this blog growing and thriving and active. And if that means 3 posts a week, so be it (not every week, but Oct. 284 more words


A pitcher of beer, cigs and a wandering mind

My heart sinks in a jug of beer,

My nights getting darker,

Why there’s no more tears,

Pathetic love song in the air,

Full of illusions, … 112 more words


Living Aftermath

I have come to this page so many times in the last 8 months. Written draft after draft of unpublished work, judged them to death and left them, promising to come back another day. 1,046 more words

Wandering Mind

Wandering Mind

Just like a freely moving stream of water a mind too wanders in so many pathways … exploring new arenas.These wandering random thoughts will be unveiled through “Wandering Mind”