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Thought on thoughts ūüí≠¬†

Soaked, soaked in a world of thoughts…

They are not one, they are millions…

That originate as a dot and multiply at the speed of the light! 36 more words

Wandering Mind

Tiny Tales#6

Somewhere between letting go of ‘the old me’ to being ‘the new me’;

Maybe, I lost the ‘real me’!

Wandering Mind

The little creature 

She did not have to tell him everything,

Neither did he ever ask…

But he sure knew how to put the smile back,

To where it always had to be! 18 more words

Wandering Mind

Real stories

The smile of my face,

Is a perfect perfect curve!

Not even the smartest,

Will be able to see behind it!

All the emotions that are sunk… 35 more words

Wandering Mind

3 Simple Ways to Living a more Mindful Life

The practice of Mindfulness is in times like these more needed than ever before. Mindfulness teaches us to become more aware, more present in our lives. 792 more words


Tiny Tales#5

Boundaries are illusionary…

Precautions in this disastrous world!

Wandering Mind

In pursuit...

To be able to make sense, to not to drag, to write relevant and resonance, to connect and feel belonged, to be honest yet instinctive, to be positive and yet realistic, to be purposeful and powerful, to influence and yet be genuine, to go with a free¬†flow but with a structure…..and so forth! 274 more words

Wandering Mind