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The rain touch...

Crazy life rides,

Bumpy circumstances…

They all seem to settle with the falling rain!

The water penetrates,

Deep down the soul…

And an inspiration to jump back in the puddle!

Wandering Mind

'X' and 'Y' Stories #3

X : ”Hey”

Y : “Hello, welcome!”

X : “Bye”

Y : “Thank you very much!”

Wandering Mind

Leaving the voice behind

Are we enslaved by our own mind? We as humans have been given a very powerful tool that lets us manifest our thought in to reality. 196 more words


Wandering Mind #9

People are who they’ve always been. Language is just starting to catch up with them.

Author: S

Tiny Tales#8

Some knots are difficult to open…

But then, that makes the thread even stronger!

Wandering Mind

Wandering Mind #8

If you procrastinate like there’s no tomorrow, and that happens to be true, does it still matter? Or are you procrastinating your own death?

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