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Wandering Mind #2

Does your wish get more powerful the more birthday candles you blow out or is there a limit based on your age?

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Wandering Mind #1

Reading is the only time hallucination is okay. If you’re not hearing voices and seeing things that aren’t there, the writer did something wrong.

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It's time to choose yourself!

It’s time not to ponder on petty things…

It’s time not to let people affect you…

It’s time you are happy from within…

It’s time you learn to stand up for yourself… 28 more words

Wandering Mind


performing mundane functions
allows the mind to wander
often too far out of reach

© Anthony Gorman 2017

image: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/daydream-marko-arias.html


Scribble Scribble

As toddlers, we scribbled on the walls

As kids, we scribbled on the slates

As adults, we doodled on the last pages

Some symmetric while some not… 16 more words

Wandering Mind

Weekly picture challenge : Wish

Today’s  challenge led me into a weird thought process. I started thinking what are the different emotions and tenses(time period) a ‘Wish‘ is associated with. 309 more words


Look at her, and she is strong!

She can manage things at work and also put her best at home chores!

She will cry to bed but the very next day will bubble with joy among friends! 110 more words

Wandering Mind