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Wandering Mind #10

I never understood people who say money can’t buy happiness. True, the pursuit of wealth for greed and material things for material’s sake won’t bring happiness, but money can keep a home, purchase wholesome, comforting food, keep you in warm clothes, and take you places beyond your wildest dreams. 14 more words

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The cube!

A little cube it is,

But it may be a havoc when rolled!

With the battle being tuff between all the distinctly coloured piece tokens… 77 more words

Wandering Mind

If I were a Swing

If I were a swing,

I’d patiently listen to the stories of those that swing on me…

Some happily swinging in joy,

While some bumping with excitement! 52 more words

Wandering Mind

Tiny Tales #10

Love someone with all your heart,

And they’ll hurt you with double the intensity!

Wandering Mind

If I were a Pillow

Humans name it ‘Pillow Fight’,

But “O! Ouch, I get hurt!”

They hug me tight when they weep,

And tighter when they are happy! 70 more words

Wandering Mind

Joy in the little moments 

The seed that gets it roots,

After surviving the dispersal rush..

The welcoming smile on the mother’s face,

After a hard tiring day…

90 more words

Wandering Mind

The beach!

Sand castles with stories were built…

Built with the correct precision!

Games were played and stories were made…

All, with the closest of the lot! 22 more words

Wandering Mind