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Food for thought ?

Sometimes, when I find myself in a crowded place my mind wanders off and I come to think of things; ridiculous things.
The other day for example, I was to pay a friend a visit. 613 more words


The Beginning

Does this help; no really does it?

It’s difficult but the harder I work it’s gets more rewarding, that feeling so raw harmony radiates from it. 187 more words

Aries; I don't take days off

When my Life & the Stars collide (Pt. 21)

Source; horoscope.com | Saturday May 2, 2015

You may need to take the day off to replenish your soul, Aries. 177 more words


#4 (1)

I feel like I’m almost pretending to be making peace with myself.

I am optimistic about a healthy lifestyle but at the same I find myself anxious about it. 285 more words

To the Stars

They’re back, I can feel them all around me. They creep and they slink through the cracks in the walls, they click click click down my spine and flow through the shutters. 2,749 more words


Things to NOT Contemplate When Writing Your Thesis

My mind wanders…a lot.

And during the process of writing my thesis for my masters degree it has been doing just that!

Things my mind has been contemplating during my thesis writing: 62 more words

Life, Better Known As Blah, Blah, Blah

My Wandering Mind

I wait patiently
I stare out the window
My mind runs out the open window
I don’t even try to stop it
What’s the point? 65 more words