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I hate solitude.

In solitude you are not alone. You are trapped with your own mind, stuck in an echo chamber.

Stuck with the echo of loneliness, anxiety and depression. 54 more words

Wandering Mind

Family Reunion...Dive Motel

We were are my wife’s family reunion over the weekend. We spent the first night with her aunt but needed more space for the second night. 409 more words

Wandering Mind

Small Towns...

I’m a minister in a small church, in a small town.

I write no books…I receive no conference speaking invitations…few people in our fellowship care to hear my opinion. 128 more words

Wandering Mind

Day 15 Of 30 Day Challenge:Erraticus Cerebrum

Well well, we’ve reached the half way point. Sharing my thoughts with you all has been quite fun. With that in mind, those thoughts aren’t always in my own control, the brain tends to roam a bit. 303 more words


Leadership Minute Monday - Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness is an invaluable skill to redefine what is possible, especially during crunch time or when feeling stuck.


Have fun with this week’s workout!


The Interrogation​

So let’s not say it was an interrogation, more an interview. Aren’t they really the same thing. Two people sitting at a table across from one another, one putting on the pressure and the other is definitely feeling it. 727 more words