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A pitcher of beer, cigs and a wandering mind

My heart sinks in a jug of beer,

My nights getting darker,

Why there’s no more tears,

Pathetic love song in the air,

Full of illusions, … 112 more words


Living Aftermath

I have come to this page so many times in the last 8 months. Written draft after draft of unpublished work, judged them to death and left them, promising to come back another day. 1,046 more words

Wandering Mind

Wandering Mind

Just like a freely moving stream of water a mind too wanders in so many pathways … exploring new arenas.These wandering random thoughts will be unveiled through “Wandering Mind”

and then you 

staring at a box of my old empty promises, cold and shiny they still try to convince me but I stare at a picture of you so lovely and so inviting. 184 more words


Not Just a Thought...!

Usually when I am sitting alone, there are like probably thousand things running into my mind! But just when I make up my mind to sit down and write about it, all of it disappears and I think was I actually thinking and if I was then what was it about…!!! 306 more words



I know what I should be doing
All that needs some learning
The splendor of details dull
In the face of my imagination

Richness of my thoughts galore… 75 more words


apex code blue

part of the challenge is to not think so much.

to just let the words flow out like the blood that would flow from my wrists had i the courage to press down harder… 138 more words