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My Top 10 Anime 2015

Oh how I struggle with making “Top ____” lists and giving recommendations at times. Example?

Friend – “Hey you like anime right?”
Me – “Believe it!” 661 more words


Where's Wandering Son Part 2?

Back in July I wrote an article about a manga titled Wandering Son, with the intent of doing a full series of articles on it. I ended it by saying “We shall cover that next time” planning to have the follow-up article ready the following week. 214 more words


Nitori is Not Going to Hell For Wanting to Wear a Bra, Part I: Understanding Gender Dysphoria as a Christian

When the anime version of Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son) aired in 2011, much of the reception in the blogsophere was lukewarm. A lot of folks, having anticipated the adaptation, were disappointed in how different it was from the manga. 1,138 more words


-Hourou Musuko/Wandering Son; I'm Picking Up This Anime Again/My Thoughts So Far For This Show- - (Anime)- -Mark's Blog-

I started to watch this Anime from 2 weeks by now (the reason I didn’t binge watch it all was because of school work and stuff). 424 more words

Anime Review: Hourou Musuko

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Its time for another subbed anime review with Discordia! This time I am reviewing Hourou Musuko or as it is otherwise known Wandering Son. 359 more words


A Quick Look at Five Criminally Underrated Anime

Most people associated anime with shows like Dragon Ball Z, or some of the R-rated material that had a tendency to pop up in Western countries during the 80s and 90s. 935 more words


Dissecting Wandering Son, Part 1: I Am A Girl and The Transient Daughter

There are few works which handle transgender characters well, and fewer works which people can actually say helped them understand what it’s like to be transgender. 1,588 more words