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Travel Guide: Gdansk, Poland

Charming seaport town Gdansk is known for its colorful old town, beautiful beaches and budget travel options. After visiting there a few weeks ago I have to say that Gdansk really lives up to its hype. 1,697 more words


Wanderlust: Water

It’s cold here in northern Missouri, and today I am wandering to the hot, sultry, salty beach in Mexico. Take me back!!

Enjoy the visual vacation, wanderlusters.




Rome Part I: Monuments and Gelato

The Eternal City. The name really seems to fit the more you wander through the ancient streets of Rome. The ancient monuments that you can spot while walking down modern sidewalks really drive it home.  356 more words

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Travel Views - Aisle, Window, Or Your Sofa?

Travel is wonderful. Life affirming, mind expanding, blah blah blah. But not everyone can travel due to mobility issues, finances, or other issues. So, what can you do? 345 more words


Wanderlust: Group Tours

I say it a lot, maybe too often, but my career takes up SO MUCH of my writing creativity and brain power each day. As a travel content writer, I spend my days researching locations, writing about them, and designing marketing prospects and SEO structures for them.  94 more words