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Quick Create vs Individual Creations

After a few days of playing with the ‘Quick Create’ button on Zazzle and making literally hundred of products that look like this:

Pink Carnation… 111 more words

Who is using Wanelo?

Who is using Wanelo?

The majority of users were located in the United States.

Per my research collected by Wanelo, 90% of the users use their phones to access the app. 91 more words

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Look Whose Shopping Now

Because online shopping is become more of  lifestyle rather than a fad, Wanelo already has an audience to pull from to market their site to. Based on their user interface I believe their target audience is younger people, between the age of 16-35 , who are impressed with privacy and easy navigation, have a sense of wanting to feel engaged or part of a community, and enjoys the ease and efficiency of shopping online. 294 more words


Want, Need, Love, Buy

So you’re walking through the malls for the 100th time this week and you see, yet again, Nothing (which lets face it, happens to us all the time).  329 more words


Hype Me Up

Ok so to actually dive into where Wanelo falls  when it comes to the emergence of new technologies, I’m going to explain the “hype” behind it all.   428 more words


What's all the "hype" about?

If I had to place wanelo within Gartner’s hype cycle, I would have to place them in the “Peak of inflated expectations”.

Primarily because there has been a dramatic increase in users within the past few years and the number local boutiques and well-known brands have jumped on the online retailing bandwagon. 303 more words

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

Social media marketing has become the way to retain existing and bring in new clients to your business. There are so many different sites and they all have their own target markets. 624 more words

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