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Hye Park atualiza seu instagram com Fei [15.04.14]


울 이쁜 페이랑♥♥ 배부르게먹었당ㅋ

”WOOL com a linda da Fei ♥♥ Estamos cheias de tanto comer ㅋ”

Miss A

Selca Sunday is the Truthiest Truth

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday, where all those superfluous articles of “K-Pop Star X Takes a Photo of Themselves” is condensed into one piece of awesomeness.  113 more words


Selca Sunday Packs a Metric Ton of Cute

Welcome back to another edition of Selca Sunday, where the highlights of K-Pop social media are compiled for general worship. This week, Fei’s back so this is already one for the ages. 94 more words


Wang Fei Fei Gifts the World on White Day

I mean, from what I understand, White Day is where men treat women with gifts of affection (as opposed to Valentine’s Day, where the opposite is true) but when it comes to Wang Fei Fei, societal rules need not apply. 110 more words

News And Views

miss A Covering SISTAR's "Alone" Makes My Weekend

The lack of a Hyorin-sized talent on miss A showed through in their performance but I can never say no to more Wang Fei Fei air time and her and the rest of miss A dancing to SISTAR choreography is the stuff that dreams are made of:

More collaborations like this please.


Selca Sunday Proves the Lord Took No Days Off

It’s Sunday, which means it’s time to compile and post some of the best selcas of the week. In this edition, Fei rulez, an old favorite returns and Yoona is perturbed. 127 more words