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Selca Sunday Is Where The Heart Is

Welcome to a post-Valentine’s Day edition of Selca Sunday, where an excess of heart signs is actually very much appreciated. In this week’s edition of the best that K-Pop social media had to offer over the past seven days, … 159 more words


Goddess Of Everything Wang Fei Fei To Grace Running Man With Her Presence For Lunar New Year

Just in time for the Lunar New Year, Running Man will have miss A’s Wang Fei Fei on their variety show so that she can presumably show how superior she is in everything compared to all life on Earth. 191 more words

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Praise All Deities, miss A Is Making A Comeback This Year

Although details are scant, it’s never too early to get hyped for a Wang Fei Fei miss A comeback.

The group has been on a surprisingly long hiatus considering how constant K-Pop groups usually churn out material. 227 more words


Selca Sunday Is A Deadly Dose Of Cute

Welcome to the latest edition of Selca Sunday where every superfluous article on a K-Pop star taking a picture of themselves is condensed into one single post of greatness. 121 more words


Selca Sunday Triumphantly Returns From Vacation

After a couple of days sleeping in and eating way too much, what better way to usher in the incoming work week than with Selca Sunday? 146 more words


Selca Sunday Works More Magic Than A School Of Wizardry

Welcome to this week’s edition of Selca Sunday, where the siege of K-Pop social media is condensed down to one manageable bite-sized post. In this week’s edition, … 124 more words


Selca Sunday Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Welcome to this week’s edition of Selca Sunday, where the infinite space of the internet that is dedicated to K-Pop star’s social media ongoings are consolidated to the very best of the week. 128 more words