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Sunday, 8th March 2015

Pank, v. and n.

Pronunciation: /paŋk/
Etymology: Origin unknown; possible connection with pant v.; perhaps coined as a nonce-word to rhyme with flank. 20 more words


Thursday, 14th August 2014

An urgent message to those taxonomists of the genus Bollocks who have of late been throwing around the redundant and illiterate word behaviours, along with references to so-and-so exhibiting… 39 more words


Wankathon of the Year - Appendicitis: The Lady's Choice Awards

My girlfriend, being wonderfully keen to get involved in the unhealthy fixation of my bloglife (the wanking one, not the climate change one – she cares less about that than you do), has selected her own top five pics for your perusal: 28 more words


Wankathon of the Year: the 10 hottest pics of 2009

Warm your cockles and usher in a new year of what makes the internet great: hotties. For while governments are replaced, climates change and fads come and go, attractive women will always be willing to expose themselves to strangers online.* 130 more words


Return of the absent girlfriend wankathon - parts V - VI: Christina, Cheryl and (a little bit of) Holly

Today is the last of this current wankathon. The girlfriend returns tomorrow and so will the usual, somewhat less saucy, content of this reputable blog. Having forgotten about it yesterday, I’m a day behind so have to go for a double whammy today – which is a bit of a struggle as after only five days I’ve run out of things to wank about. 517 more words


Return of the absent girlfriend wankathon - part IV: 'Real' Grlz Oxford = Fail

I had planned on featuring for tonight’s wankathon a spread of flaunty ‘real’ girls that I’d stumbled upon earlier. Unfortunately, I have just experienced a real selection of ‘real’ girls in that really real bastion of blandcore, Oxford. 692 more words


Return of the absent girlfriend wankathon - part 3: Trashy Chicks dressed as Supergirl

I love Supergirl. She’s like your everyday freakishly hot blonde girl with an obscenely tight bod wrapped up in an outfit that suggests Kryptonian fashion had a striking resemblance to that of chubby latino chicks flashing their tits for beads in a Girls Gone Wild video. 260 more words