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If you're on their side, kindly go gargle cement.

Part of me wants to wait until after tonight’s┬ádate to write. You know, go over a bit of the ol’ post date analysis? The other part of me, the more logical, intelligent and less sociopathic part is telling me that I’m better to get it out of the way and enter into the date in an uninhibited state of mind. 729 more words

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Police Revenue Gathering

The story of the week for me involves the police and their new policy of ticketing speeding cars doing 4 ks over the limit. Ordinarily this sort of minor news wouldn’t even concern me. 240 more words


There are sure to be rides, swings and play to be had, but not the type you'd expect.

Because this space is a free canvas for me to talk about whatever I feel like, I’m gonna use it to plug one of my friend’s projects (that also involves its fair share of plugs). 736 more words


My gospel has already been written. Just google TV Tropes.

Just when I thought I was out…

Did I really think that I’d dropped Mad Men though? I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. Not even in a box, accompanied by a fox. 625 more words

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Could I be a cat that's simultaneously in the hat and the box, but not?

Is it a sign of adulthood when you wake up just before your alarm would be set to go off, except it’s a weekend?

I swear sometimes your brain is just trying to mess with you at the behest of your best intentions. 722 more words

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To be interesting you should be interested in what's happening around you. As I proved, there are limits.

Another day, more work food. I’m surprised nobody’s pulled a muscle patting themselves on the back but hey, I can’t argue with the results. People here know how to put on a spread. 724 more words

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In retrospect, "snarler" really sounds like lewd innuendo.

Okay, so I can be strange at times. I’ll admit it. That being said, I find this to be worth a chuckle.

I was scrolling through Releaselog when I came across it. 628 more words

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