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Could I be a cat that's simultaneously in the hat and the box, but not?

Is it a sign of adulthood when you wake up just before your alarm would be set to go off, except it’s a weekend?

I swear sometimes your brain is just trying to mess with you at the behest of your best intentions. 722 more words

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To be interesting you should be interested in what's happening around you. As I proved, there are limits.

Another day, more work food. I’m surprised nobody’s pulled a muscle patting themselves on the back but hey, I can’t argue with the results. People here know how to put on a spread. 724 more words

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In retrospect, "snarler" really sounds like lewd innuendo.

Okay, so I can be strange at times. I’ll admit it. That being said, I find this to be worth a chuckle.

I was scrolling through Releaselog when I came across it. 628 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

As a child, I thought Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" was basically Candyman.

Why are we so quick to judge people? Is this a conditioned behaviour or something we’re naturally attuned to as we stumble through society? Maybe 5 minutes ago I saw a perfect stranger that I instantly loathed. 810 more words

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It may even be the normal serving suggestion. Single serving, that is.

Because a day filled with 3 hour meetings left me feeling depleted, irritable and slightly mopey, I subwayed home with my tail between my legs and sat down in front of my computer. 799 more words

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Dildinosaurs and rapping professors. What else is new here?

Are there any rappers out there called Will-Da-Beast? What about Ry-No or Ape-raham? I guess I just like the melding of wild animals and street smart ethos, primarily because I love using the phrase “urban jungle”. 465 more words

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No bee puns? How did I not use "oh beehave" at least? That stings.

Finding it pretty tough to complain right now. This week’s been relatively taxing, but I’m ready to leave that in past tense. I’m sitting at a streetside Koreatown restaurant with a perfect view of passers by. 567 more words

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