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Dildinosaurs and rapping professors. What else is new here?

Are there any rappers out there called Will-Da-Beast? What about Ry-No or Ape-raham? I guess I just like the melding of wild animals and street smart ethos, primarily because I love using the phrase “urban jungle”. 465 more words

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No bee puns? How did I not use "oh beehave" at least? That stings.

Finding it pretty tough to complain right now. This week’s been relatively taxing, but I’m ready to leave that in past tense. I’m sitting at a streetside Koreatown restaurant with a perfect view of passers by. 567 more words

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Here's an attempt at diary-writing.

Dear diary,

Amanda Palmer, Genetic disease, Hazey Jane is the most absolute perfect recorded guitar listened  to it five times in a row never happens ever cried a little sombre passion incarnate: 651 more words

Gives a new meaning to "dairy whip". There's cream involved in any case.

You know how sometimes life offers you circumstance on a platter? Something so intriguing you’d be a fool to pass it up? I’m not one to scoff at these arrangements, hence my decision last night to attend a kink meetup. 658 more words

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Leatherhead! "What a Croc"

“If I do not have the Transmat…if I cannot be with the Utroms, then life is meaningless.”–Leatherhead Written by: Ben Townsend Original Air Date: 2,442 more words


If wall of text works as a filter, maybe I'll find just the right flatmate.

I need a flatmate. I figure the internet is good for stuff. Maybe it’ll help me here. This is what a craigslist message of mine reads like (TL;DR, it’s too long): 700 more words


Ronald makes it all too real. I'm loathing it.

Sometimes I just lose myself in thought over McDonaldland. It was such a strange, wondrous and occasionally nightmarish place. Because my mind tends to wander a little, it just raises so many questions. 379 more words

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