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It's canal or never. Inguinious.

This update is gonna involve talk of body parts and things of a sexual nature, so if that’s not your bag perhaps you should come back tomorrow. 535 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Things Can Be Reversed: "Return to the Underground"

“Him and his big ideas.  ‘C’mon guys, let’s go down to the underground city! We’ll have some laughs!’ WE’LL GET EATEN!”— Michelangelo

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Descent Into Madness

I intend this to be my launch pad for stream of consciousness thought.
I have no direction or idea where this blog is heading.
I’m another average jerk in my (very) late twenties. 261 more words


I've seen Oedipal theory applied to futanari. I can die happily and hard now.

Atomic Lollipop day one sorted. I saw, I came. I concur. I mean that in every permutation you can fathom.

Atomic Lollipop is straight up insanity. 628 more words


Don't go there, it's a saur point.

Maaaaan True Detective is goofy this season. No spoiler talk, but we’re sure seeing a departure from our phenomenal duo of Matt and Woody. Weird clunky line reading from Vince Vaughan, clumsy (borderline embarassing) dialogue at times and an absurdly convoluted sense of coincidence. 647 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Why is a large child going to a sex club anyway?

I got new boots! I’ve been wanting a pair of kickaround shoes for quite some time, but after discovering zero pairs I liked I resolved to do something about it. 828 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

When I played Pokemon Trainer on Smash Bros Brawl, I always went back to Ivysaur. Fuck Yeah Ivysaur.

Stop. Write now. Thank you very much.

My internal monologue closely resembles a Spice Girls song, or at the very least some kind of pop-cultural morass. 800 more words

Stream Of Consciousness