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You're cuckold as ice.

Not Safe For Work content warning, etc etc and general disclaiming. If you’re not into porn things then stay clear. I hadn’t planned on doing this entry, but Facebook wouldn’t let me post the clip so I had no other alternative: 600 more words


I may as well exploit the fact that I have a 12 year old's emotional sensibilities.

This entry is more symptomatic of a lack of creativity than anything else. So, spurred by a glass of whiskey & coke, I grabbed one of those circa 1998 chain letter things. 624 more words


I Would Have Preferred the Goth Chick: "Grief"

“Death is always pointless. That is the point.”  Anubis

Written by: Brynne Chandler Reaves and Michael Reaves

Original Air Date: December 28, 1995

Introduces: 2,454 more words


If any hit him on the lips, it'd justify the dumb band name.

I’ve had bouts of uncharismatic melancholy today, but I’ve learned that venting about things often helps. Therefore with undue fanfare I present to you:

THINGS THAT HAVE MADE LEON SAD TODAY (Jan 11th 2016 edition) 716 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

More importantly, how do I feel about flour and white turtlenecks?

I tend to go through dreamless phases in my life. I’m not meaning pointless moments of progress-less limbo (though I do have those too). Sometimes my subconsciousness fails to give up the goods and sleep feels like a necessary waste of time (yes, I understand the inherent contradiction there). 742 more words


Landfill(er): "Junklantis"

“Rule, Britannia, Britannia rules the waves!  I don’t know the words to this stinky song!” Michelangelo

Written by: Eric Luke

Original Air Date: April 3, 2004… 2,260 more words


Stop. Look. Listen. Shut up Navi.

I’m in a flippant mood right now, so this entry will likely follow suit. I’ve got nothing of consequence to report, so if you’re looking for something meaty, this is more tofurkey than living material. 464 more words

Stream Of Consciousness