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Why is a large child going to a sex club anyway?

I got new boots! I’ve been wanting a pair of kickaround shoes for quite some time, but after discovering zero pairs I liked I resolved to do something about it. 828 more words

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When I played Pokemon Trainer on Smash Bros Brawl, I always went back to Ivysaur. Fuck Yeah Ivysaur.

Stop. Write now. Thank you very much.

My internal monologue closely resembles a Spice Girls song, or at the very least some kind of pop-cultural morass. 800 more words

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You know, I liked the Pearl Jam avocado album.

My girlfriend and I are going to an unusual hang out tonight. We’re going to spend time with our couple-friends, which is excellent as always. Unlike most occasions where the point of being together is just that we are together, this time we’ve actually got further reason. 874 more words


What did the dinosaur say after getting pegged? Allo-sore-arse.

Today was a weird day, I woke up with a compulsion to write a stream of dumb jokes. In an attempt to follow my heart, I present to you the results: 625 more words


That would certainly give Citizen Kane a different perspective.

Good news everyone, Rick Santorum is running again! Well, that’s actually pretty terrible news, but it’s fun news nonetheless. It means we get to come up with all new terms for… 460 more words

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And that's why you always leave a note: "Kingdom"

“You wanna be in charge? Speak now, or hold your peace.” — Talon Written by: Marty Isenberg and Robert Skir

Original Air Date: February 5, 1996… 3,298 more words


If you're on their side, kindly go gargle cement.

Part of me wants to wait until after tonight’s┬ádate to write. You know, go over a bit of the ol’ post date analysis? The other part of me, the more logical, intelligent and less sociopathic part is telling me that I’m better to get it out of the way and enter into the date in an uninhibited state of mind. 729 more words

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