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If wall of text works as a filter, maybe I'll find just the right flatmate.

I need a flatmate. I figure the internet is good for stuff. Maybe it’ll help me here. This is what a craigslist message of mine reads like (TL;DR, it’s too long): 700 more words


Ronald makes it all too real. I'm loathing it.

Sometimes I just lose myself in thought over McDonaldland. It was such a strange, wondrous and occasionally nightmarish place. Because my mind tends to wander a little, it just raises so many questions. 379 more words

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Complimental illness.

I feel like complaining, because I think complaining is something done best when you’re riding high and life’s going pretty swell right now. See, people who are really suffering don’t really complain. 529 more words

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Groan pains.

Because I somehow haven’t done this before, I’m gonna spend the next 30 minutes writing haiku. Is haiku the plural of haiku? You’re damned right it is. 183 more words

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Has trying to make "radical" happen become a radical action yet?

I’m pretty big on the whole self-love movement. I’m not talking about masturbation here (which is great, I’m just not talking about it right now. Give me 5 minutes), but taking time to recognise the things about yourself and appreciating them. 666 more words

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White'splaining: "Heritage"

“[…] Natsilane.” Elisa Maza, addressing Nick

Written by: Adam Gilad

Original Air Date: November 27, 1995

Introduces: Nick, a.k.a. Natsilane; Grandmother; Raven

Timeline placement: 6,219 more words


The only objectification I can get behind.

I have a habit of personifying objects. It’s not intentional, but along the timeline of my development, I discovered it made me care tons more about things if I ascribed them human traits. 616 more words

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