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Questions of self-ish.

It feels like ages since we last chatted like this. Just the two of us. Like that smash hit from Big Willie Style. I was so wrapped up in this whole dialogue exercise that I overlooked y’all.  551 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

How would I line my insides with silver? I'll make any excuse to find the doctor from Face/Off.

My girlfriend is listening to a 2000s music mix on her phone as I write. Since I’ve got nothing more interesting to blab about (which should highlight how little is floating through my head right now), let’s jump in. 865 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

I'm not bloodthirsty, but is bloodhungry a thing?

I’m not hungry right now, but that’s doing little to dampen my desire to eat. Why? Because food is delicious. What larger excuse do I need?  621 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

I'd say it was a stretch, but I'm afraid that'd cause my limbs will fall off.

I guess I should straight up apologise to anyone who read yesterday’s entry. I started out with a genuine concept for a post that got lost in the intoxicating allure of writing straight up wankery for 30 minutes. 732 more words

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If a keening bell were to sound, could you bear to listen?

Hey! You! Get in here and shut the door.

Are we alone now? I want to ensure the communication between us is airtight. No leaks allowed. 482 more words

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Come on, who didn't see that turn coming?

Today marks the day that this here site, I Have My Doubts, hit 500 followers. “Wow!” I hear you exclaim (because unbeknownst to most of you, implicit to your click to follow this site is tacit consent for me to monitor you constantly. 699 more words

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Grand maternal instincts led me there.

I’m a firm believer of trying new things. It’s a value that was instilled in me from a young age. When I was a kid my mother would constantly remind me of the maxim my grandmother relentlessly drilled into her. 971 more words