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If he wanted you,

he would have never left. If he wanted you, he’d still be here. If he wanted you, you would already know. If he wanted you, he would have chosen you.


Those veins in their arms

Most men have one or two of those thick veins which run down their tight forearms and into their thick hands and make me stare… just stare at them, in fascination.(and a wee bit of interest, sometimes) 75 more words

Mental Wanderings

Empty Days, Full Nights

Freedom awaits

Alone together

Cloistered with Him

Disruptions ceased

Walking the tether

His dominance beckons

Aching with a fervor

Desire paramount

His will not mine… 48 more words


Mirror of love

There is nothing

to do


to enjoy


to need 

but you

(I give you everything)

nothing left

to do

nothing left

to enjoy… 24 more words

Parama K. Williams



I know that you’re
Not evil.

But I so desperately
Want to believe.


Denim Denim

Denim jacket//Levi’s, Jeans//Filippa K, Hoodie//CTRL, Flats//Terhi Pölkki


Want to own a 7-Eleven? Franchising fee now less than P1M in new program

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Image from Legazpi City’s Facebook page

7-Eleven operator launched a new pilot program
Those who enroll in the new program can operate a 7-Eleven for less than a million… 11 more words