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The devil 

The devil once looked me in the eyes,

And asked,

What so you want most?

And I looked back at him,

In the eyes,

And laughed! 6 more words


I want

I want to close the front door behind me and kick my shoes off into a stock pile of cheap pumps on the floor. I want to walk a few steps into my cluttered kitchen, greeted with the smell of rich sauces thickening slowly in old pans. 97 more words


Your allowed have the best

School, parents, work, and money, all tell you can’t! Literally everything in the first 20 years of your life is set up to make you think you can’t, and then it all changes. 400 more words


Meg Augiar1. You are a nice girl. I don’t deserve you. 2. You wear too much make up. 3. You should/ should not wear this. 4.

41 more words

Sharon Osbourne Explains Why Trump, Mr. Bragadocious, Doesn't Want to Be President

Sharon Osbourn worked with Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice.   Sharon explained that she “would be terrified” if Trump were actually elected president, “because he’s a… 198 more words


LEMONADE, I need you back here. Please come back. I’m sorry.