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Hug (Redux)

When warm embrace

Becomes tight caress

Imprinted, skin on skin

Essential proximity

My face buried in you

As if you were oxygen

The need to clasp… 17 more words


Why Not: The Rhetorical Question

Like every other (good) retailer, we aim to please. From goods to services, providing the very best we can to every customer is what keeps us in business. 476 more words

A New Understanding (Redux)

I find that I am not often able to entirely lose myself in a moment. To the extent of about 90-95% percent, my mind is floating in the air, moored down only by a firm and reassuring arm. 621 more words



i have your things
the things i made you
and the things you had
and the things you made me
they are not in a pile or a specific spot in my house… 412 more words


Does Ground Reality Affect Sales?

Selling is the art to discover the need of the customer and provide the right solution at the right time.Salesmen should invest their time and effort with people they know who can afford to purchase and truly value the product. 452 more words


In a Pink Floyd Frame of Mind (It Will Pass I Promise)


When you’re down and depressed, and you haven’t even been able to speak to your honey for the last couple of days because of work issues, and your inner Captain Paranoia is getting the better of you and convincing you that the reason he hasn’t responded to your attempts at contacting him are because he is fed up with you, and you feel lower than a snakes hips, so you decide to try and alleviate the mood with music, do not, I repeat do NOT play Pink Floyd. 147 more words


Tiaras and Beaches

You know the score – Don’t Tell the Bride, Bridezillas, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding – all about those brides that need everything to be the way  260 more words