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Out of reach

You’re so close but I can’t touch you
So near but I can’t have you
I miss you when you aren’t here
Miss you every minute… 25 more words


i need a break

I need a break. I need a break from om work, from everything. I need a break. I need to have some alone time. A simply day off. 398 more words


How To: Personal Budgeting and increase Cash Flow

Identifying wants VS. needs

A want is something you desire while a need is something you are lacking.


Cash Flow

Christmas 2016

The bells are ringing and the clock’s ticking – it’s almost Christmas time!

But as a college student that I am, I can’t celebrate until the final grades are out – until I know that I am cleared for this term. 479 more words


Elaine Chao Lady Gaga - 🇺🇸️I want to live in a #CountryOfKindness #LoveTrumpsHate He...

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Quote for Today: Wendell Berry

If we are looking for insurance against want and oppression, we will find it only in our neighbors’ prosperity and goodwill and, beyond that, in the good health of our worldly places, our homelands. 73 more words

Quote For Today

A Trinity of Being

For Creativity Challenge Day 18: Three

A Trinity of Being

When seeking direction,
I look within.

First, to my mind,
which tells me what to do, 70 more words