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Nadia Prupis: Trump's Disastrous 100 Days Fueling "Golden Era of Activism"

Some of the nation’s leading watchdog groups released reports this week taking stock of President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, covering everything from his failure to “drain the swamp” to the… 755 more words

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W.J. Astore: The Threat of Nuclear Weapons to America

Did you know the U.S. has built nearly 70,000 nuclear weapons since 1945? Did you know the U.S. Air Force lost a B-52 and two hydrogen bombs in an accident over North Carolina in 1961, and that one of those H-bombs was a single safety-switch away from exploding with a blast equivalent to three or four million tons of TNT (roughly 200 Hiroshima-type bombs)? 626 more words

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Book Smart

Book Smart

This conversation took place in a staffroom very early in my career. A group of teachers were talking about favorite books.

Teacher 1: “I really liked, War and Peace.” 37 more words


Climate Change, Life, Green Energy

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>>> Earth will survive Climate Change, humanity may not. <<<

<> MG,Jr. on Climate Change  <> 344 more words

Climate Change

war + peace + gray

gray clouds cover the
sky. winter is rolling in
and there’s a freshly
brewed pot of tea waiting for
me at home. it smells like rain. 49 more words