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Folks, I’m doing something foolish – that’s right, I’m going to try to read War & Peace again. I tried back at the start of the year and failed after 220 pages… basically, I hit the war bit and had no idea what the eff was going on or who any of these people were and, well, that tends to put a girl off reading. 727 more words


Anna Karenina: Levin's Transformation

I am staying at the Hotel BildungsZentrum in Basel, Switzerland. It is thirty-four degrees centigrade. I’m sustaining myself with delicious fresh fruit and cold green tea. 981 more words


When you are Wise, Peace shall follow

Peace and War are two sides of the same coin. Where there is peace, there will be war – where there is war there will be peace. 778 more words


Tolstoy Journal, June 21, 2017: "The spiritual future of the human race."

I am forty pages behind on my reading today, as usual on Wednesday, but, as usual again, I read some pages of The Gospel in Tolstoy… 1,101 more words

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Tending our own gardens

A war economy is immoral by definition. Only nihilism thinks otherwise. And it courts global annihilation, the ultimate insanity. It’s time to end our messianic, adventuresome, and immoral foreign interventions for economic “interests” and return home to tend our own gardens. 34 more words

War And Peace

George Yancy: Is Your God Dead?

I don’t mean the God of the philosophers or the scholars, but, as Blaise Pascal said, the “God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob.” With no disrespect, I hope the question comes as a jolt. 2,499 more words

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