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Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: Netanyahu Speaks, Money Talks

Everything you need to know about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress Tuesday was the presence in the visitor’s gallery of one man – Sheldon Adelson. 923 more words

Social Justice

Wilkerson: Iran Middle East's Most Stable Nation.

by Jerry Alatalo

So, what to make of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress?

How about 100% political theater, shocking, and gravely concerning. Very dangerous political theater of the kind performed by George W. 678 more words

Earth Matters

Benjamin Netanyahu's priorities

Bibi lumped as evil forces lurking in his “neighborhood” everyone from Iran and “Lebanon” (he meant Hezbollah) to Assad’s Syria and Hamas. But not ISIS/ISIL/Daesh.   So a non-nuclear Iran is a worse threat to civilization than the fake, beheading-addicted Caliphate

via Pepe Escobar.

The Passing Scene

The warmongering record of Hillary Clinton

The frustrating thing about the right-wing Republican critics of Hillary Clinton is they criticize her for all the wrong things.   I think I’m as strongly opposed to Clinton as they are, and they put me in the position of defending her. 491 more words


2,168 miles. It'll take about a week, right?

It’s hard to fathom 2,168 miles. Especially for someone who doesn’t get out of Ohio very often; I’m not sure how to establish that much distance in my mind. 874 more words

Appalachian Trail

After UN-Kinshasa fallout, operations against FDLR begin in eastern DRC

(cross-published at African Arguments and modified/extended from IRIN, photo © Guy Oliver/IRIN)

In early January 2015 joint operations between UN combat troops and Congolese soldiers against rebels who refused to disarm in eastern DRC were announced, repeatedly, as being imminent. 1,179 more words

War And Peace