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Tolstoy and Love

Nikolai Rostov finds Marya Bolkonska, newly bereaved, alone and unsupported. The more generous she is to the muzhiks, the more rebellious they are. Their head-man rebels with them, her steward cannot control them. 479 more words


A Job of One's Own

The older and more anxious I become at work, the more convinced I am that I need to be working for myself. What a joy that would be, beholden to know one. 388 more words

Tit-for-tat violence spreads in southern Lubero

2016 has begun with little calm in North Kivu as reports over the Miriki massacre made the headlines in early January. Since November 2015, FARDC-led Sukola II operations marked an effective military campaign against FDLR in North Kivu (the South Kivu string of operations ended very quickly in mid-2015 and ever since, FDLR are reported to have moved back to their previous positions in the Itombwe forest between Uvira, Mwenga, and Fizi territories). 493 more words


Marc Jampole: Clinton is the better choice

When I think of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, I always imagine an enormous rock that weighs thousands of tons and symbolizes American society. Bernie and Hillary are charged with moving the rock one mile down the road. 1,679 more words

Opinion Leaders

Norman Solomon: The Democratic Party’s Biggest Insurrection in Decades

Forty-eight years ago, a serious insurrection jeopardized the power structure of the national Democratic Party for the first time in memory. Propelled by the movement against the Vietnam War, that grassroots uprising cast a big electoral shadow soon after Senator Eugene McCarthy dared to challenge the incumbent for the Democratic presidential nomination. 746 more words

Opinion Leaders

Who is who in Syria

A useful guide to Who's Who in the Syrian Civil War. And how many fighter they have.
Chart by @EP_ThinkTank pic.twitter.com/oGbN4A67w0

— Paul Kirby (@paul1kirby) February 9, 2016

War And Peace

War and Peace 2016 style

No, I’ve never read the book.
But now I understand.
All the main characters are idiots.
Except Pierre, who’s not an idiot, but a clown, except when he challenges his wife’s lover, when he’s an idiot. 352 more words