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Jon Eagle, Sr: Veterans at Standing Rock Beg Forgiveness for War Crimes against Tribal Nations

I witnessed something powerful and profound today. Wes Clark Jr and the assembled veterans took a knee and collectively asked for forgiveness for the genocide and war crimes committed by the United States Military against tribal nations in this country. 87 more words

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Chard deNiord: Prophecy Against Those

They will grow ass’s ears and stand

and stand like guards at the funerals of their own mothers.

They will forget history as if it were… 208 more words

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Patricia A. Nugent: (Everyone) Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Unamerica broke up with America on Election Day. It was messy, especially since Unamerica had violated the pre-nup written in 1776. Unamerica got tired of that black guy hanging around the House so it became rageful and violent. 655 more words

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What Obama could do to curb Trump's power

President Obama said during the campaign that he’s worried about somebody like Donald Trump with access to the nuclear codes and all the other powers of the Presidency.  146 more words

War And Peace

Rebecca Solnit: Hope in Dark Times

This has been a truly remarkable decade for movement-building, social change, and deep, profound shifts in ideas, perspective, and frameworks for broad parts of the population (and, of course, backlashes against all those things). 630 more words

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Murdoch & the Sexualization & Trivialization of Real News, Fairness & Culture

Or…. There’s no quicker way to breed Socialists (by way of reaction) than to pretend Rupert Murdoch’s radical deregulation of Wall Street reflects true Conservative values which should seek to conserve  23 more words