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Susan Sailer: Dust, Blowing in the Wind

Into Newton’s laws of motion Boko Haram

storms, rifles smoking, kidnap 276 girls, force them

onto truck beds, tires raising red dust as they drive north. 116 more words


John Samuel Tieman: Re-enactment

A friend invited me to a Civil War re-enactment. He was well meaning enough, although why he’d think that I, a Vietnam veteran, would enjoy such a thing, who knows? 160 more words


The Obstacles to Human Unity and World Peace

Sri Aurobindo analyzes the issues that stand in the way of development of a larger societal formation that would work to eliminate strife and bring humanity together for its collective benefit in a peaceful regime.  409 more words

Sri Aurobindo

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In "The Ideal of Human Unity" Sri Aurobindo approached the root causes of large-scale organized violence and what it will take to eliminate war.

NKVD Fantasy Babe Novel

Our Guys Over There
Mikhail Gutkin, OMSBON Instructor (Tsentrpoligraf, 2012)

If, a year ago, somone had told Moscow university student Anna that, instead of the usual trip to Grandma’s, she would find herself in the midst of military operations in Byelorussia… 94 more words


The Prince of Peace

A Christmas Story

The Golden Gate shut behind them. At the same time a terrible roaring shattered the silence of the green valley. A majestic figure sat on the towering rock at the plateau in the middle of the forest. 804 more words

Nature, God's Creation, God’s Energia In His Creation