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It's Unpopular to be a Muslim Today - Why I Will Remain One

There is a Chinese curse which states, “may you live in interesting times”.  As I look around me, as I turn on the TV, as I listen to the radio, as I check my news-feed, as I download the daily synopsis online, it appears that this curse has come to fruition. 975 more words

War And Peace

More Fodder for Warfare

As a revert (convert) Muslim since 2006, I’d like to testify that I’ve found a path that teaches me to respect human beings, all of whom are creations of the same God. 449 more words

War And Peace

God Does Not Need to Read the Papers

Some children have the press to call out their names while they are innocent as well and not to blame, others have only God to witness their deaths; both will be buried by weeping parents and are children of the same Adam and creations of the same Creator. 158 more words

War And Peace

A nuclear free New Zealand delayed the end of the Cold War

If the dilettantes at the end of the known world accomplished anything at all by declaring New Zealand nuclear free after 1984, anything at all, it was to prolong the Cold War, embolden Communist Russia and increase the chance of a nuclear exchange. 1,131 more words

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[Poem] The New America

Welcome to the New America!
Land of disunity obsessed with security,
A terrific enigma, a model of democracy.

Our patriots at large, corporations in charge, 111 more words

The New America

War and Peace

A week ago I finished reading War and Peace, and it only took me six weeks to read. I’m a very slow reader so I was surprised at how quickly I finished the book, I thought that I would be reading it for a very long time. 830 more words



Once beliefs and dreams came true,
when in nineteen hundred eighty nine
a wind of change could crumble walls
and poverty would wane. Maybe we… 202 more words