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"Slaughterhouse 5 or The Children's Crusade"- Kurt Vonnegut

“Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt” 

I pick up books off the cuff but there’s always a pattern. Well, most of the times. I read a quote somewhere and immediately look up the author and the source of the quote. 603 more words



Day 22 – 37


Sebastian Faulks is an author with a soaring imagination. I have no idea how much of the book comes from borrowed experience and how much from fantasy, but his writing, especially his descriptions of happening events detail every step by step moment with an honesty that carries its own brand of authenticity. 877 more words

Read A Book And Find Me...

I didn't really like this book - but I'm wondering if I was wrong. We that are left by Clare Clark.

Theo, Phyllis and Jessica Melville and Oskar Grunewald spend holidays together at the Melville Estate, a house done up to look like a castle. When Theo dies in the war the whole families are thrown into mourning and their own particular ways of trying to move on in life. 355 more words

Book Thoughts

Film star secret agent befriend's Hitler's girlfriend: A War of Flowers by Jane Thynne

Clara Vine is a half English, half German film actress, making films in Germany during the rise of Hitler, under the scrutiny and suspicion of Goebbels, who thinks she is spying for England. 561 more words

Book Thoughts

My Wife Ruined My Childhood. (So Now I'm Going to Ruin Yours)

My wife and I were talking about my writing the other day, which surprisingly doesn’t really happen that often. I think she’s afraid how I might take some of her comments, (which is silly because if she says anything nice I’m just going to not believe her anyway.) But, in this particular instance, it came up because the local job market is horrible and she was suggesting that I rely more on writing to fill in the missing income. 795 more words