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Longtime Iraq War Opponent Jeremy Corbyn Has War Criminal Tony Blair Running Scared

Labour leadership frontrunner Corbyn has the advantage over many of his detractors in that he always opposed the Iraq war, and the War on Terror  1,032 more words

The International Reporter

Tony Blair: Towards A Citizen’s Arrest of a Renowned War Criminal?

By Shenali D Waduge

Global Research, August 13, 2015

Lankaweb 12 August 2015

With a bounty on his head for complicity that led to a million or more deaths an invasion based on lies and a dossier full of allegations of conflict of interest, Tony Blair declared guilty as a war criminal by the People’s Court has arrived in Sri Lanka for 2 weeks. 1,839 more words

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Reg Keeys and Iraq

It was good to hear the dignified Reg Keeys on the Today programme on Radio 4 this morning.

This brave man, who lost his son in the Iraq war, stood against Tony Blair in Sedgefield Constituency in the 2005 election. 69 more words


Hiroshima: Lincoln's Legacy to Civilians

Gary North – August 06, 2015

The Thirty Years’ War, 1618-48, ended with the Treaty of Westphalia. That was one of the great events in Western history. 243 more words

The Horrors of John McCain: War Hero or War Criminal?

Source: Counter Punch, by Jeffrey St. Clair – Alexander Cockburn

The race-baiting panjandrum of Manhattan, Donald Trump, is currently taking flak from the media and politicians for deprecating John McCain’s status as a “war hero”. 321 more words


Tony Blair. Need I say more?

So they have flown ole Tony in to put Labour out of their misery.

Of course they haven’t. They have flown ole Tony, the war criminal over to tell them how they should vote for anyone but Jeremy Corbyn, because a left thinking opposition would scupper the plans for a one party state. 78 more words


War Criminal

The calm evening teemed with latent purpose. Warm lights glowed in the windows of surrounding suburban homes as families finished their supper and settled down in front of their televisions for the night’s sitcoms and news casts. 1,608 more words

Pen Of The Damned