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Historic Civil Law Suit against Alleged War Criminal George W. Bush in California: Chilcot Report Submitted to the Ninth Circuit Court

We are pleased to announce that excerpts from the Chilcot Report by the British Iraq Inquiry Committee have been submitted to the Ninth Circuit in support of the plaintiff’s case in  1,720 more words

World At War

Dick Cheney Should Be Tried as a War Criminal: Former International Court judge

The world’s most distinguished expert in international human rights law believes Dick Cheney should – and eventually will – stand trial for war crimes.Thomas Buergenthal… 267 more words

World At War

The ‘lessons’ of Chilcot's report on Tony Blair's decision to join invading Iraq

I’m already tired of the ‘lessons’ of Chilcot. What can we learn from a report that ignores Iraqis?

A midget report on a midget man. 1,158 more words


Tony Blair (White Freemason): Charismatic Leader or Psychopathic War Criminal?


Reports seriously questioning Tony Blair’s sanity have recently been appearing in the mainstream media. It is too early at this stage to say if there is any substance to these reports. 2,708 more words

Tony Blair forced us into an illegal war, claims former Deputy PM John Prescott : Daily Mirror.

The Labour peer is making a heartfelt apology to families of 179 dead UK soldiers for the part he played as Deputy PM.

John Prescott today turns on old boss… 157 more words


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And so the evidence mounts, but will we ever get the outcome for Blair that he deserves?

Tony Blair: «Ο χειρότερος τρομοκράτης στον κόσμο»

«Mπλερ: Όπλο μαζικής εξαπάτησης», γράφουν στο εξώφυλλό τους οι Times, «Σκληρή ετυμηγορία για Μπλερ» υποστηρίζουν οι Financial Times, «Τόνι Μπλερ: Τέρας Αυταπάτης», αναφέρει η Daily Mail. 19 more words