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Notes and comments on FB and twitter. Part 33

Notes and comments on FB and twitter. Part 33

“Agency status”: Obeying a small order without much inquiry because the order doesn’t feel harmful

If you fail to develop your perception that guides you to ask pertinent questions, all the knowledge will Not shield you from being suckered into obeying subtle orders that lead to dangerous deeds… 664 more words


VIDEO: Ukraine and Europe bans truth about MH17

Two and a half years ago, Ukrainian antiaircraft missiles brought down a Boeing 777 above Donbass. Many foreign citizens, who are fed up with recently announced fetched outcome of the investigation, are attempting to still know the truth. 297 more words


Fierce Battle Erupts In Kremlin Over If To Charge Obama With War Crimes

[Katherine Frisk note: If I fully understand this,  what we have are the”communist” (socialist) Trotskyite on the left, basically Democrats and the fascist Nazis on the right, basically Republicans, setting Americans against each other. 1,466 more words


Dear President Trump: Send United Airlines to Syria, Let The Cabin Crew Remove Assad -- They can handle war criminals...

“Not United Airlines!”

“Did you say United Airlines?” — Holy Islamic Terrorism!


 United Airlines aircraft on the tarmac at San Francisco International Airport. Photo: AFP… 72 more words

Kazys Škirpa-Lithuanian Diplomat;Russian Teacher and War Criminal

There are several things that amaze me in the story of this man. Firstly even though I have read a lot about the Holocaust I had never heard of him, his name was pointed out to me by an acquaintance. 1,154 more words


VIDEO: "This is my mother killed by war criminal Poroshenko!"

NEWS Str. Nedelina, Donetsk 45 woman, Lyudmila Tretyakova, born in 1947, At 12:30 PM she died in her bed when numerous shrapnel impacts from Ukraine shelling her home. 20 more words