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Top 10 Bogus ISIS Stories

John Key has used some of these bogus stories to sell New Zealand the idea that a war is nessesary and that we have to be part of it to belong to the club! 252 more words

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Israel Shuts Down Power To Hundreds of Thousands Of Palestinians In The Dead Of Winter.

While John Key is taking us to war against an enemy armed by our allies Israel is continuing to commit Genocide. It is a pity that John Key is happy to stand by and let that happen! 285 more words

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John Key Secret Affair Exposed

A story has come in to Real News NZ about an affair John Key is reported to be having.

A young man whom we shall refer to as “Jay” claims he was out having a drink at the Chapel Bar in Ponsonby the other day, when he got chatting to a man we shall call “Ash”. 461 more words

Blair: I will do what it takes to help Miliband win the election

Former Prime Minister, former leader of ‘New Labour’ and renowned war criminal (allegedly), Tony Blair has offered to help Ed Miliband win the next general election. 38 more words

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Low Life Scum War Criminal Calls Anti War Protesters Low Life Scum!

John McCain, one of Americas worst war criminals and known for hands on negotiations with leaders of Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL called the brave people of code pink low life scum when they attempted a citizen arrest of another low life scum war criminal, Henry Kissinger who sat next to another low life scum war criminal Madeline Albright who thought that killing off 500.000 Iraqi babies through her sanctions was a price worth paying. 36 more words

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Henry, the "kiss of death" Kissinger

Speaking of ‘low life scum,’ I stumbled on a collection of quotes by Kissinger that tell just part of the story of a man consumed by greed and power for himself and hatred and contempt for everyone else. 273 more words