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War criminal - Mychajlo Karkoć. Polish investigators to use new technique to confirm the identity of alleged Ukrainian war criminal.

Will the photos reveal the truth?

 Polish investigators will apply a new technique, to confirm the identity of the Ukrainian Waffen-SS officer Michael Karkoć, who is alleged to be responsible for the murder of dozens of Poles during World War II. 2,565 more words

The Little Red Chairs by Edna O'Brien

The reason I’ve always liked historical fiction is that my own knowledge on historical events is pretty much nonexistent. Yes, I took history classes in high school but they barely taught me anything. 432 more words


How Neutral was Ireland during WWII-Ireland and the Third Reich.

The Republic of Ireland was and still is a neutral country but during WWII there were many Irish volunteers who fought with the allies against the Axis power.Like The first RAF bomber pilot to be shot down and killed in 1939 was Willie Murphy from Cork. 1,552 more words


Paul Craig Roberts: Historical legacy of Obama the war criminal, butcherer of women and children, U.S. dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Global Research, January 12, 2017

Paul Craig Roberts 11 January 2017

There is no doubt that US President Barack Obama is a war criminal as are his military and intelligence officials and most of the House and Senate. 382 more words

"Nazis Trained and Supported Chile's Operation Condor Activities"

Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet (L) greets U.S Foreign Secretary Henry Kissinger (R) in 1976 as Operation Condor is launched.

TeleSUR news, published in 17 December 2016…

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