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George H. W. Bush: Yale Cheerleader, Disappointed Father, Spook

“I will never apologize for the United States — I don’t care what the facts are.”

George H. W. Bush, a man so dishonest and racist he even offended Roger Stone, is now spending the afterlife in a Bosch painting performing a ventriloquist act with Augusto Pinochet’s crow-emitting anus.  267 more words


A car clipped him as he left Habima Square at dusk. Just before his head struck the kerb he realized that they would strip him in the hospital. 1,011 more words

Character Study

Occupation, Zionist Style..

jus ad bello-the justice of initiating a state of war

jus in bello-the justice of the prosecution of the war.

Zionist Israel, may  have adhered to the priniciples of jus ad bello. 46 more words