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78 years since Roman Catholic priest Fr. Vjekoslav Filipovic and Lt. Josip Mislov of the Croatian Ustasha led the grisly massacre of 2500 Serbian villagers in Bosnia, INCLUDING 551 CHILDREN with AXES, KNIVES AND PICKS

78 years since the massacre in Draculic: Then 2,500 Serbs were killed by the Ustashas, ​​including 551 children

In the early morning of February 7, 1942, the Ustashas massacred Serbs in the villages of Drakulic, Motike, Sargovac and the Rakovac mine in Banja Luka. 321 more words


Clinton Gov't obstructed investigation into US role in 'Ethnic Cleansing' of Serbs from Croatia involving "targeted" and "systematic" shelling and summary executions of Serbian civilians

“In the course of the three-year investigation into the assault, the United States has failed to provide critical evidence requested by the tribunal, according to tribunal documents and officials, adding to suspicion among some there that Washington is uneasy about the investigation.

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Labour government ran Nazi "rat line" - Britain harbours Hitler's war criminals | Workers Hammer December 1988/ January 1989

Today, the Labour party is now a hotbed of antisemitism. Perhaps this is  not so surprising after all.

While uncovering the Nazi past of Austrian Chancellor and former UN General Secretary Kurt Waldheim, 2,815 more words


The End of Normal

Everyone knew that the Trump presidency was never going to be normal. He entered office with no experience in foreign policy, other than with the intricacies of resort and hotel development in far-off lands, and with the issues involved in staging a beauty pageant in Moscow – and he had no military experience, other than high school at that military academy for troubled rich kids prone to bullying. 3,686 more words

Cadet Bonespurs Distinguishes Himself Again

The NYTimes has obtained video interviews and group texts in which fellow SEALs tell Navy investigators that now-pardoned Eddie Gallagher was a “freaking evil” leader with a “toxic” hunger for violence. 141 more words

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