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Character Design Challenge - "Maori Warrior"

Meet Hahona, Maori Warrior. At first I thought he was threatening to crush the spider ‘like an insect’. But now I think he really is protecting it. 16 more words

The Dances of Indonesia

Hi! Assalamu’alaykum…

Did you know Indonesia has hundreds of traditional dances? Every culture has its own dances and every dance has a story. I will explore some of the country’s popular traditional dances and their origins. 284 more words

Light on the Origins

“Free from the conflict of the senses, the body pliable and rounded, engaged in the slow majestic cadence of the cosmic dance”

Swami Prajnyananda

The exact information about the origins of Chhow, a generic name given to a family of three stylistically varying dances that have a common root, has not been academically agreed upon by scholars.  791 more words

About Mayurbhanj Chhau

War Dance: Costa Compagnie's After Afghanistan

Two years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Felix Meyer-Christian, the artistic director for Costa Compagnie, a German performance art collective. Costa Compagnie productions combine images, video, music, dance, spoken word, and audience interactivity in what their website calls an “Archeology of the Present” that investigates “global transformative processes.” The highly conceptual self-descriptions belied a much easier-to-describe task that brought Meyer-Christian and me together: I helped him interview US Army service members who had served at the American military base in Heidelberg for a project exploring the base’s 50+ year history as a locus of German-American relations organized around joint military endeavor. 366 more words

Art And War