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War Dogs is the tale of two high school friends that find a government loophole that allows them to bid on army contracts. They start off as bottom feeders and work their way up to be major players, eventually bidding on a contract to arm the entire Iraqi army. 547 more words


Megan Leavey and her dog Rex, Semper Fi - Once a Marine, Always a Marine

I saw a film today, Wednesday June 14, 2017, based on the true story of a U.S. Marine and her dog.  While watching the film, I was with her every step of her journey. 421 more words


Mini-Trend Alert: Movies Based on Articles

Content is king in Hollywood.

Or at least it used to be. In fact, super producer Robert Evans made it sound so easy in his autobiography… 470 more words

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Gold (2016) Review


Mr. Wells (Matthew McConaughey) is a land prospector for a mining company, which means that he has to find promising digging sites and then sell the idea of digging to investment firms. 594 more words


War Dogs

This was actually a pretty good movie and one that I would want to see again as I felt I missed some of the finer details. 616 more words

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War Dogs (2017)

Το να βλέπεις μια κωμωδία να ξεκινάει λέγοντας πως ο πόλεμος δεν γίνεται για να προστατευτεί η ελευθερία κάποιου λαού, αλλά για να πουληθούν όπλα, είναι κάτι που δεν το βλέπεις και αρκετά συχνά, πόσο μάλλον όταν αυτή η κωμωδία προέρχεται από την Αμερική.


Manchester by the Sea

Note: This is the second part of a review double-header!  Jesse sent two recommendations in a single shot so I’m reviewing them at the same time. 606 more words