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Lovely’s Purchase

William Lovely

Rev. Thomas Tennant

Methodist minister for 90 years, lived to age 114

Twshp #s

  • 18 – Lowell
  • 19 – Rogers

War Eagle Mill

Prayer Room

March 29, 2019

I slept really well, but I just had a really meh mood towards everything today. Then I thought a walk and sunshine would help, but it just made me feel physically ill which probably means I pushed too hard and made my tumor release the hormones that make me feel bleh. 231 more words

War Damn Eagle

Just because I’m already counting down the days until football season starts again

Loyalty inside my DNA.


#WarEagle pic.twitter.com/19u9iYhPHK

— Auburn Football (@AuburnFootball) October 12, 2018

War Eagle

Why I Love Football

Okay, there’s a lot of reasons why I love football actually. But let’s talk about how much I love when Auburn pulls off something nobody saw coming, and makes football history. 129 more words

War Eagle

The Tigers Get it Done Against the Bulldogs

The Auburn Tigers picked up a big conference win vs. Georgia at home Saturday afternoon. It looked as if the Tigers were back with anger after their mid-week loss to Ole Miss. 72 more words