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The Black Spitfire - a spec script that's learning to fly...

Feast your eyes on this (clicken to embiggen)…

The Black Spitfire is a script project that Paddy Eason and I have been working on for a couple of years now. 320 more words


Russell Crowe's New Australian World War 1 Epic 'The Water Diviner'

Whilst it has been released in different parts of the world already, next week sees the UK release of Russell Crowe’s latest film ‘The Water Diviner.’ Set in the aftermath of Gallipoli, it follows one Australian man’s quest to find out what happened to his sons who, like 416,809 other young Australians, enlisted and left home to fight for Britain and the Empire in the First World War. 16 more words

First World War

30 Films Challenge - Last Movie You Saw In The Cinema

Film 07 – Last Movie You Saw In The Cinema

Its been a while since ive went to the cinema, since i went for pretty much all the oscar nominated films which left me somewhat poorer in pocket and doubting that there was any film coming out that was worth me going again. 196 more words

30 Films Challenge

Fury (2014) War! What is it good for? Films, Occasionally.

War is arguably the trickiest topic to tackle in filmmaking: because perhaps more than any other genre, war films can really wind people up.

Historical accuracy is important and is the most common aspect which set people off, and rightly so: but at the same time, we don’t want a dry history lesson. 611 more words

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Separating the Truth from the Lies - War Movies.

The Premise: War. A horrible experience for all involved. Yet millions of people around the world enjoy watching films about it, and I’m one of them. 1,422 more words

Alternative History

Madeleine Carroll Blogathon: I Was a Spy (1933)

One of the great pleasures of blogathons is discovering an old film, or an actor, or director and realizing that there’s still so, so many wonderful classic films yet to see. 641 more words


In-House Review: Fury (2014)


“War never ends quietly.”

Now, like most *ahem* young men like myself, I love a good war movie. Stuff exploding, people shouting obscene language, large guns, and the fight over good and evil taking centre stage once again. 744 more words