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Madeleine Carroll Blogathon: I Was a Spy (1933)

One of the great pleasures of blogathons is discovering an old film, or an actor, or director and realizing that there’s still so, so many wonderful classic films yet to see. 641 more words


In-House Review: Fury (2014)


“War never ends quietly.”

Now, like most *ahem* young men like myself, I love a good war movie. Stuff exploding, people shouting obscene language, large guns, and the fight over good and evil taking centre stage once again. 744 more words


Film articles: Another one

I tried to resist the urge to be a self-publicist, but it overwhelmed me. I have been lucky enough to have another article published on James Curnow’s film and cinema website, Curnblog.com… 51 more words


Staff A-Z of Film: G is for... (pt.3)

WILLIAM SAYS G IS FOR: Germany Year Zero (Roberto Rossellini, 1948)

‘I see this film as a prayer from Rossellini to the postwar world, a prayer for compassion’ – Martin Scorsese.  39 more words


It's not what you think it is.

The increasingly subtle Clint Eastwood continues to astound me with his film craftsmanship. You could say that his entire career, as actor and director, has been a progressively thoughtful exploration of violence and the effects of violence, the unseen costs of violence, and the lingering consequences of violence. 216 more words


Review: Queen and Country, 2015, dir. John Boorman

“You don’t need to watch John Boorman’s 1987 comedy drama Hope and Glory to vibe with its sequel, the decades-in-the-making Queen and Country. That’s probably the greatest feat Boorman pulls off with this follow-up to his unassuming Oscar nominee: walk into the film blind, and short of feeling like you’re up the Thames without a punt during its introductory scene, you’ll walk away grasping Boorman’s bigger picture. 60 more words

Drama Films


When I was writing my book Far Away, which is set during the Second World War, it got me thinking about the influence war films had on me as a child. 681 more words

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