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"See no evil, hear no evil..." - AAR for Scenario #8 Breakout Dance for Combat Commander: Europe by GMT Games

Since acquiring Combat Commander: Mediterranean, we have left Europe alone for a while and played Scenario #13 & Scenario #14. This week we came back to Europe to play Scenario #8 Breakout Dance, which is one that I have been dreading a little bit only because it is another “run off the map” scenario and frankly, those in the past have not necessarily gone my way! 3,294 more words


Review: Commander - The Great War

Introduction —

“World War II” has become one of the most used, if not, overused themes in the video game industry. From countless real-time-strategy games such as, “Company of Heroes,” “Ruse,” and “Red Alert 3,” to the endless number of first-person-shooter titles, “World War II” went from being an exciting thematic time-period to experience in a video game, to a crutch used by many of today’s “less-than-creative” developers looking for recognition and a quick payout. 689 more words


Paket Rafting / Arung Jeram Sungai Cisadane, Caringin - Bogor

paket rafting cisadane river:

Family Trip: 200k / person 5km

Adventure Trip: 225k / person 8km

Great Trip: 275k / person 11km

include & accomodation: 25 more words

Paintball War

FaT DoG 2016 Game Pre Sale is back!

Once again we are fortunate enough to have many game publishers support FaTDoG by allowing us to buy games at incredible discounts for FaTDoG attendees. This is known as the fabulous FaTDoG Presale!  427 more words


Paintball War | Bestcamp Adventure Indonesia

all you can playing war simulation paintball….

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lets get war!

Paintball War

FaTDoG 2016 is moving to a new location!

That’s right, FatDoG 2016, New York’s premier gaming convention, will be in a new location! It will be held at the Upsky Hotel 110 Motor Pkwy. 273 more words


Now Rolling: Star Wars: Rebellion

I play more games than just Star Wars games, honest! Just so happens that I got to play them almost two in a row. This wasn’t planned but who doesn’t like Star Wars, am I right? 691 more words