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The Fourth War, or How Decisive Action Changed the World (Blog or Die! Entry #5)

Accepted entry for the “Article” category.

Author: Nick Barrett

Word Count: 3309


Conventional wisdom would have it that we have borne two world wars, and that the third will take but 20 minutes or so.

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Game Preview: 'Long Gone Days'

In a industry that is currently filled to the brim with all manner of war time game, all vying to tell the story of grizzled and conflicted solders left to fend and decide in a world not as black and white as they first thought, … 533 more words

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Unconditional Surrender Game Session Entry #4: Sep - Nov, 1941

Scenario Start: June, 1941

Players: Germany (C), Soviet Union (D), and Allies (E)

The Russian Winter. After several months of hard campaigning, the weather has finally soured, greatly delaying the advance of the Wehrmacht. 243 more words

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History of Game Design: This Means War!

A few weeks ago I wrote an article describing some of the most ancient games of all time, known as race games (if you haven’t read it, you can check it out… 2,104 more words

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Unconditional Surrender Game Session Entry #2: July, 1941

Scenario: June, 1941

Players: Germany (C), Soviet Union (D), and Allies (E)

The Great Patriotic War. The Wehrmacht continues its rapid advance across the Russian steppe, although slower than originally anticipated. 136 more words

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Modern Society and the Benefits of Military Science Applied Through Simulations; The Relearning of Critical Thinking Skills

Author’s Notes…

This paper touches upon a variety of subjects and is oriented towards parents who want to help teach their children critical thinking skills as well as adults who want to foster a return to those educational standards whose primary function was to teach students how to think critically about the world around them. 9,338 more words

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RAID : World War II Hadir Bagi Pecinta PC Games

RAID : World War II kini telah hadir di PC, game ini hadir pada tanggal 27 september. Berikutnya RAID akan hadir di PS4 dan Xbox pada bulan depan mendatang. 167 more words