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Painting Tanks

Today I managed to tackle my German tanks for my Flames of War / Tanks miniature games.  I have been working on the allied infantry and also the german infantry as well, and I have also done a fair bit with the allied tanks too. 122 more words


World War II

So I recently decided to become an old war veteran and started to reminisce about the war (WW2).

Ok maybe not quite as bad as that, however I have recently bought two games, Flames of War – Open Fire and Tanks by GF9. 321 more words


Painting Imperial Assault - Part 1

Today. after finishing my Project Z miniatures, I decided to sort through my Imperial Assault game and pick out a selection of ‘easy’ figures too paint. 108 more words


D&D Attack Wing - I really tried....

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…..oops wrong game, I think…..

Well it was perhaps 2 years ago…..

I heard a rumour, Wizkids were going to be producing a miniatures skirmish game based on the D&D licence using their ‘Attack Wing’ mechanics.   632 more words


The Female Survivors

Just finished painting the female survivors for Project Z.  The backstory is that the Female survivors are members of a fitness club / spa and were all pretty much stranded there when the zombie apocalypse happened, hence why some of the survivors are still wearing their sports gear. 61 more words


Painting Project Z

Over the last few months I have been working through painting a load of miniatures.  They are not exactly Golden Demon Award standard, but they are what I would consider game table ready. 305 more words


Waiting For Zombicide

A while ago, I noticed this little game called Zombicide, but when looking at the price point and all of the expansions that were available already for it, I decided against getting it. 257 more words