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Upcoming Stuff!

So February is going to be exciting I can tell already!

We have already released two items for this month, The Battle-Grid pack and Appendix A2. 229 more words


We are on Gumroad now too!

We have started transferring some titles to Gumroad! You can purchase from RPGNow, or Gumroad. Either way it’s the same high quality game you know and have come to expect! 17 more words


Appendix A2 and the First Battle Grid pack are released!

Today marks the release of the first BattleGrid map pack for Wings over Water, as well as another rules Appendix for the core game.

The Battlegrid pack can be found here. 7 more words


Blue 33, Far North, and more Wings over Water!

So in one more day more Wings over Water content will be released, including the first map pack and another appendix. This will be just another bunch of releases out of the many we have planned! 75 more words


Comment today for EARLY ACCESS!

If you are interested in Deep under Water, the submarine war-game by Thomas A. Novosel. JustĀ fill out the following Google Form! I will send you access to the draft for Deep under Water’s Main Rules!



Since Wings over Water was released yesterday, we followed its release with a never-ending subscription. That’s right, never-ending.

What that means is that for the price of… 289 more words


Release: Wings over Water Main Rules

Today we released Wings over Water: War-GameĀ a naval/aircraft pocket war-game made for use on a hex grid. Weighing in at only three pages long for the main rules (and also costing nothing for download!). 93 more words