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The Time For Decisive Action is Now!

Decisive Action 3 is the third iteration of a MOC-driven war game in which players compete for control of the world using armies, air forces, and navies build from Lego. 301 more words


Hero of the Soviet Union Developer Note #3: The Campaign

Although it has been a couple of weeks since my last update, work on Hero of the Soviet Union has progressed in sketching out some of the general game concepts. 459 more words


Hero of the Soviet Union Developer Note #2: General System

As I approach completing the general rules system for Hero of the Soviet Union (HSU), I would like to share the overall framework to give the audience any idea of how it will function. 581 more words


Friday Night Fights [Round 35]

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another knuckle sandwich edition of Friday Night Fights! This week’s bout is the battle of Territory EA27, with access to SZ18 and control of the continent on the line. 175 more words

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Fall of the Kaiserreich Developer Note #11: Factions Update

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last provide a update on the development of Fall of the Kaiserreich. In this 11th note, I’ll explain how the factions system has been reworked to reflect the increasingly fraught situation of post-armistice Germany. 291 more words


The Fourth War, or How Decisive Action Changed the World (Blog or Die! Entry #5)

Accepted entry for the “Article” category.

Author: Nick Barrett

Word Count: 3,309


Conventional wisdom would have it that we have borne two world wars, and that the third will take but 20 minutes or so.

3,338 more words
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