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War graves or diving commodities? The finding of the Battleship Musashi

The recent though as yet, unconfirmed reports of the discovery of the Yamato-class super battleship Musashi is raising to the fore the sticky issue of the protection of warship wrecks. 2,053 more words


26 January – 1 February 1915: Losing the Medical Officer of Health to the Armed Forces

The minutes of the meeting of Batttersea Borough Council on 27 January state that the Medical Officer of Health – Dr G Q Lennane – had been gazetted as a lieutenant and therefore would be required to give his full service to the Forces in the near future. 447 more words


Walking For Meditation or Imagination?

Several times of late I have come across comments by writers of how they use walking as an aid to imagination. A Radio 4 item on Charles Dickens, for example, made much of how he used walking as a tool  to gestate much of  his fictional output.   293 more words


Kanchanaburi Bridge

I don’t think you can write a blog on bridges without including the infamous Bridge over the River Kwai and while this is also a famous fictional film, it was based on an all too terribly real period of history. 252 more words


Pennygown: the ruined chapel and medieval effigies of a Hebridean burial ground

I first came across the ruined chapel whilst on a wildlife trek – we had stopped near the little town of Salen to watch harbour porpoises in the Sound of Mull.  1,522 more words


Grandad’s WWII Diary - British War Cemetery - Jerusalem (photos taken 1942)

In my Grandfather’s War Diary entry from Friday August 21 1942, he visits Jerusalem, Bethlehem & the British War Cemetery.  He said “NZ paid for decorating of chapel.   99 more words

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