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Memorial Day

 “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

President Thomas Jefferson

“It is the soldier, not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press. … 72 more words

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Memorial Day Meaning: Boy Honors War Heroes

11-Year-Old Boy Held Salute For One Hour On This Beach. Who Joins Him At 5:02? Beautiful!

YouTube video of true Memorial Day Meaning

This young man gets it more than too many adults.

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Memorial Day History: Honor the Fallen War Heroes

Dinner Topics for Memorial Day

Support, Donate to Paralyzed Veterans

Memorial Day History: Honor the Fallen War Heroes

Some gave all

Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,

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Memorial Day Activities: Write a Letter to War Heroes

Dinner Topics for Friday

It has been said that war is organized boredom pierced by moments of sheer terror. On top of fending off attacks from enemies, soldiers must combat boredom, loneliness, homesickness and low morale on a daily basis.

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A reminiscent of bottled up words..

While I have been putting down words together for the love of Fashion, a part of me ached to go back to pouring out random words that often came out from an abyss of my thoughts. 523 more words


Mystery Comic 3: War Heroes 1

War Heroes is a six part mini-series written by Mark Millar (writer of Wanted and Kick-ass). It was released in 2008 by image comics. First of all let me say that image comics does a great job with this issue in presentation, not only does this book have a nice hard stock cover but it also doesn’t have any ads within the story. 563 more words


Baby Blue Eyes

“Jemma. Please.”


I kept my eyes downcast, unwilling to meet his piercing blue gaze.


I would scream at him to stay, but words died in my throat. 72 more words