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War Horse - A Thoroughbred of Theatre.

In recent years the NT production of War Horse has been wowing audiences throughout the world. It’s been on my “must see” list for the last few years but I’ve never got round to seeing it (that is being rectified tonight!). 334 more words


Documentary: The Making of The War Horse

Today I was in the mood of watching a documentary and fell over this video from the making of the successful play “War Horse”, performed in the British National Theatre. 66 more words

Equestrian Topics

Lots of hens, but also lots of this ...

and a bif of this …

When I saw the Baccalaureate English exam paper yesterday, I had to grin from ear to ear  on your behalf !!!

Nothing Much

The World Made Straight (2015) Noah Wyle & Southern Drama Hold the Cheese

The 2015 film The World Made Straight, is a dose of southern drama, holding off the cheese, and delivering a tale which encompasses the Civil War, the drug culture and how weed seems to have replaced White Lightning as the redneck’s produce of choice. 407 more words


War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo

I saw the play version of this last year (which is AMAZING; go if you have a chance), but didn’t realize it was from a book. 90 more words


War Horse - Review #19

War Horse, aka: Black Beauty in WWI.

War Horse, directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg, is a movie about a man and his horse. It focuses on the relationship between said man and horse, as well as the adventures the horse has in the midst of World War I. 145 more words


War Horse: my first solo theatre experience

A few months ago I mentioned that I had booked my first solo theatre ticket to go see War Horse at the theatre.

On a grey, miserable Wednesday, the day had arrived, but surprisingly I did not feel anxious one bit. 377 more words