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“One Minute, hustle! We’re waiting.” I left the tent splashing my MOAC yelling at Arnie. MOAC stood for Mother-Of-All-Coffees. It was a Green Bean special that was available 24 hours a day on the boardwalk; the ideal motivational drink for a late night/early morning mission. 1,144 more words

War In Afghanistan

14E... Crappy for Scrappy

“Shit…did you guys feel that?” I exclaimed.

“Yup, everything seems okay in here, I saw a flash toward 3 mile mountain.” Irish reported. 3 mile mountain, as it’s named, is three miles north of KAF separating KAF from Kandahar City, which was eight miles north from the airport. 1,324 more words

War In Afghanistan

14D. Crappy for Scrappy continues...

Update…Irish and myself (Shakedown 25)  practicing for Devil Strike near SPER while Blowtorch practicing Night mountain work south and Bic and Fender’s section had been called in to interdict on IED planters near DAND….Scrappy is the Quarter Back… 1,315 more words

War In Afghanistan

Guest Blogger - repost...Confessions of an Autism Mom, Flo Strang

In the spirit of Go For Shakedown, Flo tells an amazing testimony to remind us of the challenges, and rewards, of raising children with autusm. I also have a child “on the spectrum,” higher functioning but still yields challenges. 143 more words

War In Afghanistan

Afghanistan retakes northern district from Taliban

On 10 January 2016 Afghan government forces attacked and retook Darqad District from Taliban. Darqad is located in the north of Afghanistan, on the border with Tajikistan. 35 more words

Geopolitical Game In The Islamic World

14C. Crappy Night for Scrappy

Late afternoon in Ops

Review…We were just received Skipper’s approval to do the Devil Strike Recce and practice landings…Off to Panjwaii with the crew…

TOC (Freedom Ops Center)… 1,959 more words

War In Afghanistan

Blog 14B. Op Devil Strike (a little preamble first)

When I last left off my (fictional story based on true events), I had gone to operations to chat with Scrappy. We had a discussion over his lack of sleep and taking up residence in the TOC. 1,419 more words

War In Afghanistan