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"Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team 6 Operator Adam Brown " by Eric Blehm ★★★★★

Tribute to Navy SEAL Adam Brown. Amazing story of an inspiring man, his family and close friends who (with their help and many prayers along the way) saw him rise up and overcome incredible obstacles to reach the pinnacle of military service, becoming a member of the honorable DEVGRU (SEAL Team 6). 612 more words


16 year and counting: The truth behind the Afghanistan war.

After the announcement in 2001 that the U.S. would invade Afghanistan to capture Osama bin Laden, which it did almost a decade later, but still decided to remain in the central Asian country. 443 more words



Call me Ishmael. Call me anything; just don’t call me late when supper’s ready.

Last week’s astonishing series of Trump administration* foreign policy u-turns and flip flops convinced some in the MSM that the long-awaited PIVOT had come. 872 more words


The MOAB Strike in Afghanistan Was Not For Kim Jong-un


Earlier, the United States stunned the world when it detonated one of its 14 Massive Ordinance Air Blast bombs, the GBU-43 (a.k.a the “Mother of All Bombs,” or MOAB), in Afghanistan. 1,085 more words


"It was the same thing everyday- more killing and more death"- Abdul Salam Zaeef

The following selection is from a book called Life with the Taliban it’s a really informative book about a very sensitive topic. 14:11 does its best to strive to be apolitical, it strives to provide a variety of sources to enlighten people’s minds, like other things the War in Afghanistan has been under-reported by the media. 3,049 more words


Understanding Russia's Role In Afghanistan

Recently, I argued the United States should use India as leverage to pressure Pakistan into abandoning its support of the Taliban (and other jihadist groups) in Afghanistan. 321 more words