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Even Now, My Friends -- Is War the Answer?

                                Was war the answer in the days of Kathe Kollwitz? 
Kollwitz had lost a son in WWI.  She opposed the tragedy of war, and here she depicts those who grieve over the state killing in 1919 of a great German worker for peace — Karl Liebknecht. 686 more words

Kurds take Sinjar back from Islamic State

On 13 November 2015 Iraqi Kurds have taken back the town of Sinjar from the ISIS jihadists.

Sinjar had been taken by ISIS on 3 August 2014 and its mostly Yazidi (a religious group, of which a minority among Kurds are members) population was subjected to genocide. 49 more words

Geopolitical Game In The Islamic World

Unanticipated Consequences

In 1807, Congress passed the Embargo Act at the behest of President Thomas Jefferson. The Embargo Act “prohibited the departure of all American ships in international trade.” Gordon Wood,  294 more words

Early Republic

Ahmad Chalabi & The Politics Of Exile

I have long been fascinated by political exiles and their outsized dreams and intrigues. Some of them will say or do anything to return home in glory. 440 more words


Blaire's 'apology' for the Iraq war and the rise of ISIS

The newspapers are very excited today with news that former prime minister Tony Blair has finally ‘apologized’ for the 2003 war in Iraq, despite the fact he still doesn’t regret the war and simply conceded that they made some ‘mistakes’ regarding the Weapons of Mass Destruction which, at the time, they claimed could attack the USA in as little as 45 minutes and which was quite soon after proven to be, quite frankly, utter bollocks. 1,033 more words