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From Blair to INDYREF 2

Today I have a wry smile on my face: how many people can’t see what is happening right in front of them for gleefully waiting to see Tony Blair get ‘impeached’ by parliament. 726 more words

The Fall of New Labour: Part 1

Is it not remarkable how easily people (and I include myself) in the past could be manipulated by the media? I would include politicians along with the media, however on reflection, it would not be justified. 595 more words

Speaking Of Dictators

It’s no secret that Donald Trump loves dictators. He’s a Putin praisin’ motherfucker and yesterday he batted his beady, rat-like eyes at a dead dictator. You know, … 828 more words

Sami Rasouli on Iraq (Video)

 Sami Rasouli, Iraqi American, formerly a resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota, now a resident of Najaf, Iraq, discusses some of the current issues in Iraq.

Bill Sorem… 126 more words

Are there no rules of war?

CNN posted on Friday April 29,2016 about 12 service members of the US military whom are receiving military consequences due to bombing an Afganistan Hospital. Although, this attack was in October of the previous year, the Pentagon is just now announcing the grade of disciplinary actions that will be taken. 480 more words

Liberal cabinet ministers’ selfies with notorious war criminals (1)

It is very distressing to many Canadians to see the Minister of Canadian Heritage Mélanie Joly and Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Navdeep Bains twittering like tweens from Washington with those they clearly consider to be the heroes of modern American history, war criminals Henry Kissinger and Colin Powell. 1,266 more words


Boomer Plot to Slaughter Millennials in c. 2018 War with Iran Uncovered

by Troy M. Olson

The fallout from the Democratic debate last night, hysteria over Bernie Sanders’ surprise victory in Michigan, polls that show 1 in 3 supporters of his candidacy won’t vote for Hillary in the General Election, and subsequent press leaks that the future President is critical of the current President’s foreign policy doctrine of “not doing stupid shit”, has led to plenty of fact-free analysis on the Socials today. 673 more words

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