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How the New York Times partook in the plunder of Iraq

Who gave permission to the New York Times to remove thousands of ISIL files from Iraq? | SINAN ANTOON*

Many of the precious objects displayed in the global north’s major museums were plundered from their home in the global south. 875 more words

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USA's 2016 dropped 72 bombs per day on Pakistan and other Muslim countries

U.S. Bombed Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia in 2016.

The U.S. dropped an average of 72 bombs every day — the equivalent of three an hour — in 2016, according to an analysis of American strikes around the world. 354 more words

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Remembering the War

I know the “we live in a poorly written TV show” joke is extremely overused but jesus christ pic.twitter.com/MHQb9F9xe9

— Ashley Feinberg (@ashleyfeinberg) April 15, 2018…

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Pride of Baghdad by Brian K Vaughn

Pride of Baghdad by Brian K Vaughan proves once again why Vaughn is one of the more creative and original writers in the comic book world or any genre in literature. 237 more words

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Shock and Awe: a Decade Plus Five

“Whatever is sought for can be caught, you know; whatever is neglected slips away.”

— Sophocles’ Creon in Oedipus Rex

Although a headline in this morning’s NY Times suggests the… 1,110 more words

Innocent Iraqi Citizens Deprived of Basic Human Rights


In March of 2003, George W. Bush ordered war on Iraq after the horrific acts of terrorism unfolded on September 11, 2001. Thousands of soldiers sacrificed their lives to defend and protect the people in America by invading Iraq. 2,497 more words



IRAQ WAR READING LIST         Steven Z. Freiberger, Ph.D

Please keep in mind this is a partial list and is in no way the most comprehensive list. 989 more words

War In Iraq