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War as a Business Opportunity

W.J. Astore

A good friend passed along an article at Forbes from a month ago with the pregnant title, “U.S. Army Fears Major War Likely Within Five Years — But Lacks The Money To Prepare.” Basically, the article argues that war is possible — even likely — within five years with Russia or North Korea or Iran, or maybe all three, but that America’s army is short of money to prepare for these wars.   509 more words

US Military

Visualizing America's Dominance in Military Spending

If there is one thing that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in complete agreement on it is the need for a huge military. It is the one issue that transcends partisan politics with the only disagreement being on how large that the defense budget should be. 548 more words

American War Machine

Bliar & Campbell's Role In The Death Of Dr David Kelly

Comment: ”This is the work of corporations and politicians that provide the muscle for them.‘ ‘War is a Racket,” by Major Gen Smedley Butler, 239 more words

It's Official: Obama Authorizes Arms Sales to Vietnam

Emperor Barack Obama has lifted the embargo on arms sales to Vietnam. The move to sell weapons to the communist country and former enemy was expected and has to have donor class defense contractors popping the corks on the bubbly. 303 more words


How To Change The World Overnight

How To Change The World Overnight
For the Good.

#1. Close All The Wall Street Banks.
#2. Take All Profits Out Of Weapon Sales.

In short, only Congress should control the money, and declare ALL the wars. 97 more words


War Is A Racket



War Is A Racket
By Major General Smedley Butler
Chapter 1: War Is A Racket
Chapter 2: Who Makes The Profits?
Chapter 3: Who Pays The Bills? 6,927 more words