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War Is A Racket By Major General Smedley Butler

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Originally published January 16, 2011

numoleen on March 11, 2009

War is a Racket by Smedley Butler is a famous speech denouncing the military industrial complex.

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North Korea: Convenient Casus Belli For War With China?

As this great article from The AntiMedia points out, North Korea is not in any way a threat to the United States:

In what universe does it make sense that Kim Jong-un would think attacking an “enemy” in the region would be beneficial?

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War IS A Racket!!

And it’s a racket that seems fool-proof, as most believe that it is a necessary evil.  Such is the profound ignorance of today’s citizen of the New World Order. 418 more words

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Peace means no reason to take control.

Peace is bad for (certain) business.

“War is a Racket”-Smedley Butler

LIBERTARIAN: "War Is a Racket"


Ep. 791 War Is a Racket: The Life and Thought of Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler
25th November 2016 Tom Woods

CJ Killmer, host of the Dangerous History Podcast and popularly known as Prof. 297 more words


War is Still a Racket

(Revised from version published January 2015 at foreignpolicy.com)

The United States of America is in a state of perpetual war, which requires perpetual war spending. The reason for this is simple: money and power. 1,948 more words


War as a Business Opportunity

W.J. Astore

A good friend passed along an article at Forbes from a month ago with the pregnant title, “U.S. Army Fears Major War Likely Within Five Years — But Lacks The Money To Prepare.” Basically, the article argues that war is possible — even likely — within five years with Russia or North Korea or Iran, or maybe all three, but that America’s army is short of money to prepare for these wars.   509 more words

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