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Over the weekend the Nacirema Nationals trounced the Trumptastic Bombers

The Trumpistas went up against the Nacirema and were creamed. How’s this going to work out? What makes the question an interesting one is that many Trumptistas are also partisans of the… 1,676 more words


Billions for War, only a Pittance for Peace: We Need a Department of Peace

Rex Tillerson’s reassurances about the threat of a nuclear exchange with North Korea leave me cold. My alarm bells are ringing not only because the two most impetuous fools on the planet (Trump and Kim Jong Un) are playing at nuclear brinkmanship, but because they’re doing so in the context of a militaristic culture whose default response to conflict is threats of violence. 128 more words


Introducing William Isadore Shines, author of 2nd Chance Coming Home

“Everyone I contacted at Outskirts along my route to become a published author was very helpful. I am very pleased with the outstanding product you guys produced.” 209 more words

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7/22/17 $0.99 DEAL So Much Owed by Jean Grainger (Historical Fiction)

Author’s Circle Best Historical Fiction 2016 – Winner.

A doctor sickened by war. His children determined to fight.

In a turbulent and uncertain world, the birth of two children revitalise a small Irish town and set the stage for a closer look into lives torn asunder by war. 219 more words

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7/07/17 $0.99 BOOK OF THE DAY Ribbons of Death (Peacetaker Series Book 1) by Edita A. Petrick (Technothriller)

A career soldier who survived a deadly riot in Cairo, and a reclusive mythology expert from Montana, race against time to find the product of legends that’s cutting a bloody path across the continent. 112 more words

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Trump's foreign Policy: An end to American hegemony?

Writing in The American Conservative, Andrew Bacevich notes a post-Trump nostalgia for a world order characterized as, “Liberalism, along with norms, rules, openness, and internationalism: these ostensibly define the postwar and post-Cold War tradition of American statecraft.” He goes on to note that such a view leaves out a few things: 540 more words

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The Nation State as an Agent of War

Tyler Cowen has a recent post consisting of the abstract to a working paper by Alberto Alesina, Bryony Reich, Alessandro Riboni, “Nation-Building, Nationalism and Wars”. Here’s that abstract: 983 more words