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Professional Editor of Action-Adventure Fiction

An affordable, professional editor for nearly three decades, I’ll deliver a thorough edit of your fantasy manuscript. I’m the author of several published books as well as short stories, hold a Master’s degree in English and a Bachelor’s in journalism, am a long-time writing teacher, and am an award-winning publications editor and writer. 152 more words

Introducing Ronald J. Wichers, author of On The Fault

“Colleen Goulet was very helpful throughout the process, providing quick and accurate responses to all my questions. Outskirts Press itself is highly professional in its approach to this process. 325 more words

Outskirts Press

Trump in Korea, and some more personal reflections

There’s no doubt about it, North Korea has been a knotty challenge for American foreign policy, not¬–mind you–that I’m a fan of that foreign policy, which has long seemed, shall we say, excessively bellicose. 716 more words


Arrests at Rep. Hoyer's office — pending Yemen War legislation

Seven activists, including Voices’ Kathy Kelly, were arrested yesterday January 11th for refusing to leave Rep. Steny Hoyer’s Washington DC office unless the Congressman (and House Minority Whip) committed to bring a vote on legislation to end the U.S.-Saudi war against Yemen. 877 more words


Polly Mann | The Rich Bombing and Starving Poor Yemen

Doesn’t that make the U.S. complicit when the entrance and/or unloading of ships carrying food, medicine, and other critical aid is impeded so that it results in starvation, and in addition it also has resulted in a preventable cholera epidemic of historic proportions?    686 more words

Military Madness

Over the weekend the Nacirema Nationals trounced the Trumptastic Bombers

The Trumpistas went up against the Nacirema and were creamed. How’s this going to work out? What makes the question an interesting one is that many Trumptistas are also partisans of the… 1,676 more words