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War of the Waves

Produced as an educational aid for Drama Students... that is all. – Audio Rarities (LPA #2355)


War of the Worlds Refueled

July 22, 2015-July 23, 2015 – While still in bed, I was hearing about this new movie version of War of the Worlds. Some people were saying that there was an interactive element to it once it started playing. 68 more words


Starlog #212 March 1995

Duncan Macleod is the main character in “Highlander: The Series,” an immortal who’s only weakness, like all immortals, is having his head cut off. The alien here is a Martian from “The War of the Worlds.”


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol. 2

At the end of volume one, we saw the death of Moriarty and the arrival of a mysterious green meteor. So what could be worse than one of the most dangerous criminal minds in literary history and what trouble could that green meteor bring? 1,943 more words


Obama Observes National Tease a Conservative Day in Worst Possible Way

(The Barbed Wire) – In what’s being called the cruelest trick perpetrated on the American public since Orson Welles’ War of the World’s radio broadcast, President Obama tricked the nation’s conservatives with one that will go in the record books. 420 more words


Mole Valley - UFO Hotspot?

Perhaps hot spot is a little strong a term to use for Mole Valley but the patch of Surrey does seem to have an interesting number of UFO sightings and also a curious connection to one very famous UFO book… 507 more words


Ray Ferrier

One of the most unforgettable movie-going events my wife and I experienced happened ten years ago when we went to watch Steven Spielberg‘s War of the Worlds… 589 more words