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H. G. Well in Thigh Boots

H. G. Wells lived in Essex, not Bath, but he did visit here in 1920 while having an affair with feminist icon and fellow eugenicist Margaret Sanger. 1,265 more words

Revisiting War of the Worlds

HG Wells is often overlooked by science fiction fans. A lot of fans tend to praise Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clark, Heinlein, Herbert–a lot of great writers who I adore as well. 304 more words


This Dwarf Planet Life: Act II The Niña, the Pinta, and the Tripods from Mars

Stephen Hawking is terrified of our first contact with aliens, especially if they come here.  He explains it for the discovery channel, here:

The takeaway from that video: Remember when Europe landed in the “Americas” and it ended really poorly for the indigenous population? 663 more words

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Pathology of Jewish Destruction

Though the grand cities of Berlin and Dresden are much dissimilar in form and presence; Berlin a thriving industrial capital while Dresden is renowned as Germany’s city for culture both represent a pinnacle in European achievement and share a unique history of barbaric and sadistic destruction. 2,761 more words


The Best Modern Comic Stories of John Carter's Mars

Though often treated as a hokey anachronism of earlier literature, John Carter is a character that has helped to define modern science fiction.  In terms of inspiration he was little different from many of the earlier science stories, in that his inspiration was that of Mars, a place which many thought was inhabited up until the early 20th century, thanks in part to Percival Lowell semi-scientific theories about the the supposed Martian canals.   1,052 more words


Humans - Episode One

Welcome to my series blog about the new television show Humans. Each week I will be reviewing the latest episode and hopefully some of you will join me below the line to discuss your thoughts on the show and where you think its twists and turns will take us. 967 more words

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