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To catch a crab / Como pegar caranguejo

Recently arrived from the mangrove, the crabs were still covered in dirt. Their legs and claws, used to the slimy comfort of the mud, now struggled to paddle on the tiles of the apartment’s veranda. 211 more words


Steampunk obshchina: The weird peasant retro-future of Jakub Rozalski

Been a while since my last update. I’ve been busy finishing some overdue projects and pieces I had promised. Today’s post is a real treat, however: the weird sci-fi retro-future of the Polish artist… 368 more words


HALLOWEEN'ING 2015 - Day 7: War Of The Worlds Radio Broadcast

 Once upon a time, there was a broadcast medium called “radio”, and it was the primary way everyone in America and parts of the world were entertained. 303 more words


Where to Jump In

It’s been a while since I provided an update on what I’m up to as regards writing, so here it is.

I’ve more or less completed a compilation of the letters between Sir John Franklin, the Arctic explorer whose biography I wrote some years back, and his fiancée the poet Eleanor Anne Porden. 453 more words

Hemingway and Radio

Yesterday my good friend Maria Gunn sent me an article from the 9/14/2015 issue of The New Yorker. The article by John McPhee is called “Omission.”  Maria has been good enough to give me feedback on a piece of mine. 216 more words

On Writing

Orson Welles and pushing boundaries

With Citizen Kane, Orson Welles set about stripping bare the raw power a newspaper can have.

The line “you provide the prose poems, and I’ll provide the war” shows the influence newspapers wielded. 283 more words

Zürcher Streifzüge (10): Mars regiert die Stunde

Wer dieser Tage Literatur und Zürich denkt, wird unweigerlich mit Ausserirdischem konfrontiert: Seit einiger Zeit betreibt Philipp Theisohn mit seinem Team an der Universität Zürich das Forschungsprojekt… 490 more words