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Colonizing Mars: An Idea That's Out of This World

War of the Worlds is a scientific classic. The H.G. Wells novel describes how Martians invade Britain in the late-Victorian period (when the book was written) and easily take over the world’s then greatest superpower. 845 more words


'The War of the Worlds' spoiler-free review!

Hi everyone! Today, I’m reviewing The War of the Worlds, the classic sci-fi novel by H. G. Wells. I’ve been intrigued by this book for a long time and finally decided to read it this month through the medium of audio! 513 more words


Classics Illustrated: The War of The Worlds (1954)

After seeing a post in a FB group a while back, I started to wonder- which is my oldest comic? Well, it took some investigating, but I can now say that it’s this issue of Classics Illustrated that is my oldest comic book (1954). 121 more words

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WW1 from 1914-1918, had been more destructive of all years till,the main opposing parties consisted of;

  • Germany.
  • Austria-Hungary.
  • Turkey.

and allies led by great Britain,France,Russia,Italy and United states on the on the other side. 2,026 more words

Venus and Her Deadly Sisters

Let’s begin with a quiz. Name a movie you’ve seen – any movie – where long after the fact you wished you’d never watched it. Not because it was a… 734 more words