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Norway just showed us the way


Norway Just Deported 824 Muslims, Every American Needs To See What Happened Next 174 more words


Why the War on Christianity is a Good Thing

The war is raging. It has been since the 1960s and it will continue until He comes down and finished it once and for all. Only Yeshua can bring peace, and He will bring it with the sword. 69 more words


Wondering why America is under God's judgement?

This is why…

We are rushing to the movies and book stores to ingest something more poisonous than Plutonium. And our public schools are actually using it to pervert our kids! How can God reward this?


Welcome - Now Get Off My Lawn

Welcome to my blog, “Fifty is the New Cranky.” I’m starting this because (a) I’m well past 50, (b) I’m far past cranky, and (c) I have the right to say so. 305 more words

After 1,000 years of Christianity, Iceland returns to Nordic paganism

The West really is well into the post-Christian era, the implications of which I dread to ponder. Or didn’t you know that Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, contrary to the continuing malicious portrayal of them as Christian, actually were animated by a race-based nationalism founded on Nordic myths and gods. 286 more words

Culture War

LGBT Poison on Network TV

In contrast to some of the gay people I have known, there is a new kind of strident, fascistic gay today. When LGBT comes to your kids schools to enlighten the students, this is the kind of person who is talking. 209 more words


Mark Caserta: Progressives never cry 'Christianophobia'

Islamophobia is a myth…


FSP editorial

Jan. 15, 2015 @ 12:01 AM

Last week, in the editorial offices of French magazine Charlie Hebdo, Islamic terrorists echoed President Obama’s 2012 message to the United Nations that, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” 492 more words