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An Attack on Christianity?

In the fallout of the decision handed down by the Supreme Court yesterday, some Christian leaders are already claiming that there’s an attack on Christianity/religious liberty going on (two examples are… 747 more words


The Assault on The Church Begins

Information has come to us from several sources, that instructions just went out within militant segments of the homosexual community calling for members of any Christian church were homosexuality is believed to be sinful, to engage their priest or minister and make a formal request to get married while recording the response. 180 more words

War On Christianity

Homosexual Activists Use the Rainbow Logo to Attack God's Covenant with Noah 

How many people know that Rainbow Logo used by homosexual activists was selected as a subtle yet deliberate way to attack religion by insulting God’s covenant with Noah? 507 more words

Ahead Of The Curve

United States Supreme Court Destroyed Marriage

On June 26, 2015 at approximately 10:20 AM Easern Time, the United States Supreme Court Destroyed Marriage and Turned American Society completely Upside down.

The ramifications of changing the time tested definition of marriage will be complete and all encompassing. 260 more words

Ahead Of The Curve

Obama laments 'distorted impression' of Muslims

The Hill: President Obama stressed religious tolerance during an Iftar dinner to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, linking the murders of nine black Christians in South Carolina with the killings of three Muslims in North Carolina… 337 more words


God and Country

The Christian right these days is fond of proclaiming that here in America there is a War on Christianity. Isn’t it bizarre how the media likes to portray everything as a war – a War on Drugs, a War on Women, a War on Christmas…can we please just have a War on Media Wars? 988 more words

Father Linus Clovis on the "Francis Effect"

The following long article is from http://www.LifeSiteNews.com

LiveSiteNews.com reported on May 22, 2015:

By Father Linus Clovis of Saint Lucia

A crisis is a time of intense difficulty or danger. 3,411 more words