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Pictures from yesterday's quick trip to Chick-fil-A

I like this picture of myself because it reminds me of the cool tones used in the Twilight movie series.  All of these are fun snapshots that I took while I was out last night preparing for my Chick-fil-A post.

#Jewishdoublestandards: World Jewish Congress in blatant violation of the Johnson Amendment

If a religious entity mixes religion AND politics, together, then it is no longer tax exempt.

Of course, the rules don’t apply to the World Jewish Congress. 63 more words

Does Nikki Haley have presidential aspirations?

President Trump recently said that he still wants to withdraw American troops from Syria as soon as it is possible, but U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley (a former beauty queen with a penchant for the limelight) received more coverage than the president did, yesterday, for saying that the U.S. 176 more words

Jews are vehement opponents of Christians in politics.

To read the letter that 55 Jewish organizations signed in order to stop the Johnson Amendment from being overturned, last year, read here:



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The Johnson Amendment is just a clever attempt to subvert Christian influence in American politics.

It’s the opinion of many atheists that churches should have to pay taxes. Religious organizations would pay nearly $71 billion every year if they paid taxes.

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Alex Jones rips into President Trump after U.S. led missile attack on Syria.

Infowars founder Alex Jones ripped into President Trump on Friday night after the president authorised military airstrikes in Syria, saying the decision made him “sick.” Alex Jones supported Donald Trump to become President, because he thought he would make a difference.

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Looking For Trouble with its neighbors (as usual), Israeli spy drone crashes in Lebanon. #Righttoexistnonsense

The IDF has officially confirmed reports that a Skylark pilotless drone crashed in Lebanon on Shabbos, blaming technician failure for the incident. It is reported that there is no sensitive informa… Source: Israel Confirms Drone Crash In Lebanon…

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