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Punk rocker at 60 looks demonically possessed

Sometimes while I wander around on the World Wide Web, I am just struck by something I see, even though it’s not about politics or economics or America or the world. 454 more words

Culture War

Muslim war with Americans began around 640 A.D. by William Federer

SOURCE: Muslims conquered the Eastern Roman Empire, Syria, Palestine, Eastern Anatolia, Armenia, Upper Egypt, Lower Egypt and North Africa between 634-644 A.D. Muslim pirates blockaded trade across the Mediterranean. 1,694 more words

Moderate Islam

Shocking video shows Europe's "refugee crisis" is a Muslim invasion

The images above are among many in the video below which show Europe’s so-called “refugee crisis” actually is an INVASION.

The shocking video shows more images of the “refugees” like swarms of locusts. 304 more words


AFA Christmas Shopping Guide: Which companies to patronize or shun

Black Friday is a week away, the biggest retail sales day of the year when Americans begin the annual frenzy of buying stuff for Christmas. 289 more words


Professor tells sensitive students they have no right to be unoffended

Mike Adams is a tenured Professor of Sociology and Criminology at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.

In an article for Townhall.com, Aug. 28, 2015, Prof. 1,155 more words


Letter from Germany: Europe is in chaos

The letter below is from a retired RAF (Royal Air Force) officer who now works and lives in Germany.

H/t Don Hank

Germany. Chaos Descends. 648 more words


I should be working, but instead I'm writing.

As the title states, I really should be working right now. I have a paper that is due on Thursday and I technically have no clue on how to write it and put it together. 790 more words