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The 15 most Godless cities in America

If you’re an atheist, then the West coast is the place for you.

A survey of 50,000 people, conducted in 2015 by the nonpartisan and nonprofit… 151 more words


Furries inundate Kellogg cereals' Tony the Tiger with animal porn

How sick is this.

Tony the Tiger, the cartoon mascot of Kellogg’s Frosties cereal, is being inundated by tweets of animal porn from furries.

Furries are people who anthropomorphise (ascribe human form and attributes) and identify with animals. 225 more words

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Meet Nano, a transspecies woman who says she's a cat

Nano is a 20-year-old Norwegian woman who claims she has a “genetic defect” because she was born the wrong species. You see, Nano is really a cat. 187 more words


Madness: Olympics to allow pre-op male-to-female 'transgenders' to compete as women

Our world has become upside down.

With the media’s indoctrination of the masses on “transgenders,” some of us jokingly had predicted that “transgenders” soon would compete in the International Olympics. 879 more words


Actress declares on TV she would perform oral sex on lesbian Lily Tomlin

This is a new low even for depraved Hollywood.

Amy Schumer, 34, is an actress/comedienne and niece of Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). An advocate for gun control, she was… 110 more words


Mark Caserta: Our nation's woes result from poor choices

Mark Caserta: Free State Patriot Editor

  • Jan 15, 2016

Have you ever noticed how liberals respond when a Christian suggests the precepts of God’s Word as a solution to our nation’s woes? 527 more words


Masturbation booth in New York City

New York City should change its nickname from Big Apple to Big Sewer.

Jim Hoft writes for Gateway Pundit, quoting Mashable, that on Tuesday, Jan. 319 more words

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