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Religious discrimination & Obamacare

The Obama Health Care Law causes direct and immediate
religious discrimination because the law effectively prevents Roman Catholics
from owning stock in a health insurance company. 13 more words

Religious Freedom

VICE & The Liberal Roadmap For World Change

Critique and Summary of VICE on HBO that aired on Sunday 4/13/2014
VICE is a documentary series on HBO that tends to present information from a liberal ideological perspective. 922 more words

Ahead Of The Curve

About that "war" on Christianity ...

Short and simple.
If I’m going to piss off some of my fellow church-goers, I don’t want to drag it out.

Just because I object to someone trying to cram their own personal, theological and political beliefs down my throat cloaked in the robe of spirituality doesn’t mean I’ve declared war on them. 787 more words

Just Thinking...

Mark Caserta: Christians targeted in modern-day holocaust

Free State Patriot Editor, Mark Caserta

Apr. 09, 2015 @ 12:01 AM

Sadly, church history is replete with examples of evil perpetrated in the name of Christianity. 506 more words

Free State Patriot

"Higher Education": Rutgers prof.: Christian conservatives worship ‘a*****e' God and ‘white supremacist Jesus’

Campus Reform: Just days before Easter, one professor took to the internet to blast Christian conservatives for inventing a “white supremacist Jesus.”

On Wednesday, Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper published a column for online magazine… 508 more words


Insufficient Outrage

Bill Clinton was a goofball, and smart as a whip, and sleazy, and charming, and his presidency was of little consequence. The economy soared, but that wasn’t his doing – the dot-com bubble was what it was – and he started no major wars. 3,430 more words

Republican Framing Devices