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The USA Targets Anti-Capitalist Bolivian President In A Secret Drugs Sting

Speaking at last week’s United Nations meeting, Morales pointed out his way of doing things hasn’t spilled one drop of blood, and furthermore his policy is working: cocoa leaf production in Bolivia has fallen to a 13-year low. 272 more words


Captain Planet: Mind Pollution

I’m so fatigued right now that my brain is probably working at like 25% percent (yep, that just happened) capacity, so a show entitled “Mind Pollution” feels just about right for today’s very special episode. 1,019 more words


DEA Chief Calls Heroin a “National Security Threat” While NATO Troops Help Cultivate It

If the DEA Chief thinks heroin is a national security threat, why has US controlled Afghanistan increased heroin production by over 2,800 percent since the US invasion? 1,001 more words


(Even) Cops Say Legalize Drugs! (Video)

When thousands of police veterans agree it’s time to end the War on Drugs and legalize marijuana, you know it’s time. Watch this interview with… 17 more words


How to Access Medical Marijuana in Canada

Source:How to Access Medical Marijuana in BC Canada | Tales from Genie and Lou


Victoria, BC, Canada

August 29, 2015

I am re-posting this, as nothing much has changed since it was written, and it follows the previous post. 1,331 more words