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The Phony Drug War: How the US Government Deals Drugs (Documentary 16:54)

The Drug War scam is one of the most significant swindles ever foisted upon the masses. This clever ruse serves multiple purposes simultaneously for the elite: • the manufacture of fear, leading citizens to forfeit their civil rights to “protect their children” • the criminalization and narco-demotivation of the most potentially revolutionary element of society ‒ the youth • the creation of, and ongoing funding for, localized and global criminal networks that work in tandem with the elites • the source of funding for covert action where governmentally-approved public funding might be difficult to obtain • the generation of massive liquidity/cash to pump into banks, stocks, bonds, and commodity markets • the control of foreign leaders who can be demonized at any time should they get out of line with the elite’s agenda (e.g., Manuel Noriega of Panama) Here is a relatively concise historical overview of drug dealing by the elites… The British East India Company (BEIC), the world’s first transnational corporation, bought tea and other goods to sell in Europe and sold English goods overseas. 681 more words


The Farrell File #3 Podcast-- The War on Drugs & Comrade Obama

It’s the third episode of The Farrell File! This week: House of Cards, the innocent victims of the war on drugs, and is Obama a Marxist? 38 more words


The New Canadian Cannabis Oligarchy

The New Canadian Cannabis Oligarchy | The Fix.


By Neville Elder


Under new Canadian regulations, Health Canada will be minding your “cannabusiness” rather than personal growers. 337 more words