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Bernie Out Of Touch . . .

No, Bernie. When these Isis scum attacked Americans, when they beheaded American reporters, they brought us into the war. We don’t turn tail and run like you leftist zombies do. 8 more words

Current Events

How to fight Islamophobia?

A wave of anti-Muslim publicity has been seen in news media, social media sites, advertisements and films for over the last decade, particularly after the 2001 9/11. 698 more words



Do you know that in July 2013 after over 50 peaceful Morsi supporters were massacre in Egypt, Charlie Hebdo published a savage front page with the caption: “ 553 more words


The war on Islam

A much heard water-cooler get-to-know-you question for a certain generation has been ‘do you remember where you were when John F. Kennedy died?’, or for a later one ‘do you remember what you were doing when John Lennon was assassinated?’ The last major culture-connector for my generation and subsequent others is ‘what were you doing when you first heard about the attack on the World Trade Centre?’ 1,014 more words

3am Thoughts

Destroying Islam from Within

by Lenna

One of the main objectives of the West’s war on Islam is to turn Muslims against their own religion. This is accomplished in many ways, including efforts to have decoys like Maajid Nawaz and his Quilliam boys “ 489 more words


The Ottawa Shooting and The Story of Musa (as)

The Quran is like a deep and vast ocean of which often we swim only the surface. Then at times we are blessed to be pulled by a powerful and strong undertow towards the depths of this vast Ocean. 2,488 more words