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Someone Is Finally Defending the One Percent

Smart parents are more likely to have smart children, and their greater intelligence will be reflected, on average, in higher incomes. Of course, IQ is only one dimension of talent, but it is easy to believe that other dimensions, such as self-control, ability to focus, and interpersonal skills, have a degree of genetic heritability as well. 1,002 more words


Hot Topic Question: Is Your Paycheck Stretched Too Far?

According to news reports the middle class is shrinking away and the poverty line has risen. Many of us are living hand to mouth. Poverty has moved to the suburbs in the United States. 210 more words

Elev8 Original

"Those less favored in life should be more favored in law." - Powell

This quote by Thomas Reed Powell sums up all that is wrong with the current conversation about the deficit. So much of the rhetoric is about punishing the already economically punished and rewarding the secure and even the exploiters. 461 more words


Note to Orrin Hatch RE: Planned Parenthood

The Repulbican view of this issue really burns me. I’m on Senator Scratch’s email list as a former Utah, so I can keep up with the rat bastard from Pennsylvania. 265 more words


Seeking a new side and still feeding the stray cats.

I so struggle with this blog as the “Progressive Grandma”. On the one hand I feel that progressive voices need to be heard during this time of political upheaval when voices of ignorance and oppression are so loud and often appear to be winning, (from my point of view, not theirs.) 694 more words


RE: Balanced Budget Amendment to Constitution - A Nation Killing Bill

I received an email from Senator Hatch (R-UT) about his submission of a Constitution Amendment requiring a balanced budget. I found it interesting that his examples of states that don’t require balanced budgets were Vermont, Switzerland, and Germany, all of which are in better shape than the rest of the country. 1,745 more words