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What is your definition of poverty?

What would it mean to end poverty? It would be helpful to define what poverty means as it could mean different things.  Absolute poverty would mean being without basic needs.  210 more words

Basic Needs

Democrats are Confused by Math and Other Liberal Fails 

In 1968 Lyndon Baines Johnson declared war on poverty and poverty has won.

Democrats keep adding more and more subsets to or enlarging the following “victim” math classes they have established. 96 more words

'If the Goal Was Eliminating Poverty, We Failed'

1996 Welfare Reform Legislation, supposedly “ending welfare as we know it,” “fell short in the depths of the Great Recession — substantially increasing deep poverty and leaving families who can’t find work without any cash safety net.” Even the Clintons say we should take another look at it.


War On Poverty

Satan Likes to Control People (Strange, So Does Big Government!)

Evil’s dislike for Good is not restricted to the realm of the supernatural. The Earth has been a battleground since our most distant ancestors with consciences came into being.   1,204 more words


The Ayes Have it for Welfare

In their book Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty; authors Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo assert that problems arise in helping the poor because of what they call the three I’s: ideology, ignorance and inertia. 623 more words


A History Of Poverty

By Bill White – SurvivoPedia

For over 50 years now, the Democrats have been waging their “War on Poverty.” Put in layman’s terms, that means taking money from the working and giving it to the poor. 96 more words

News/ Current Events

The Pruitt-Igoe Projects: St. Louis's Failed Big-Box Public Housing, 1954-1976

Introduction and Background

In the 1960s liberals declared “war” on poverty, but by the early 1970s it appeared that poverty had won, as, among other things, America, the world’s wealthiest nation, could not house many of its citizens in habitable conditions.  3,755 more words