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"The Roots of Poverty"

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This April 15, 2013, piece found on the Huffington Post website written by Bruce Hartford, a member of the Civil Rights Movement Veterans, talks about a perspective on what the real causes of poverty may be while taking a look beneath the surface of the issue.



The War on Poverty has been an unmitigated failure!

Given the evidence, what other conclusion can one draw? Unless . . . unless the objective of the War on Poverty was NOT to decrease the percent of people living below the poverty level. 466 more words

War On Poverty

For Richer or Poorer: What Works to Reduce Poverty in America?

By Annie Davis (Public Interest Policy Scholar, APA)

How can we improve the economic wellbeing of American families? This was one of the issues that dominated the 2016 election cycle, with each candidate proposing a different way forward. 860 more words

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Grateful for False Freedoms

Today a 7 yr old told me they were grateful for freedom.

And I couldn’t help but cringe; freedom?

We are raised with this belief. 227 more words

For the good of the poor and common people: What Hillbilly Elegy gets wrong about Appalachia and the working class

Over at the New Republic, Sarah Jones has a blistering take on J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy, the social analysis of Appalachia’s “forgotten” white working class masquerading as a regional memoir and current favored text for understanding the inner lives of economically precarious white voters. 1,892 more words

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War on Terror, War on Poverty?

Those of us who fight global poverty share a guilty secret: our cause got more attention and resources after September 11, 2001. It soon became clear that there would be an alliance between the “War on Poverty” and the “War on Terror.”

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