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What is the root cause of the problems facing the black community?

All my regular readers know that black economist Thomas Sowell is my favorite economist, but that’s only because he writes so many USEFUL books on so many topics. 713 more words


Race and Renting

As an eviction epidemic sweeps the nation, I witness it’s power and inequality in my own hometown of Anoka County, Minnesota.

Today I found myself in court to deal with an upsetting enough dispute between me and my landlord. 1,427 more words

Eviction Cirsis

White Appalachian Poverty in the National Mind

by Lauren Angel

Whenever I hear a newscaster say the words “West Virginia,” I already know the story they will tell. They will explain that my state is longing for the return of the good old days. 2,796 more words

September 2017

A Catholic Nun Schooled Paul Ryan in Humility Last Night — Resist and Replace

From Esquire.com It was a Biblical beatdown. Getty BY CHARLES P. PIERCE AUG 22, 2017 While the president* was fastening on his Serious World Leader face Monday night, Speaker Paul Ryan, the zombie-eyed granny-starver from the state of Wisconsin, was facing a carefully tailored audience at a CNN “town hall” in Racine.

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Hunger for words, words for hunger

When I was very young, our church became involved in the War on Poverty outlined by the Johnson administration (1964). My father attended events and marches to raise awareness about the fact that many people in this wealthy nation, the USA, were struggling–even starving. 652 more words


Why Texas Courts Will Stop 'Nickel-and-Diming' the Poor

A new law could alleviate hardship for those thrown into debt—or jail—because of mounting fines. But does it go far enough?

“Debtors’ prisons were outlawed nationally in 1833, but their essential function nevertheless… 76 more words

Criminal Justice