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Mass Migration to Europe: All in Line with the NWO

The mass migration to Europe currently underway is a crisis of epic proportions. It is also totally in alignment with the goals of the New World Order (NWO). 1,568 more words

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The Wolfowitz Doctrine: The Plan for US World Domination

The Wolfowitz Doctrine, a document authored by Zionist neo-con Paul Wolfowitz, is the key to understanding the United States’ geopolitical policy and behavior. The Wolfowitz Doctrine is the unofficial name given to the early version of the Defense Strategy for the 1990s: The Regional Defense Strategy report for the 1994–99 fiscal years. 1,745 more words


How George W. Bush Destroyed the Temple of Baal

In any other planet, this buffoon and his acolytes would be standing trial for crimes against humanity.

All other pics of Bush and Obomber were added by Tales…

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9/11 - Continuing the Fight for the Truth to be Made Public.

One of my real-news sources offers these thoughts and information to try and correct the imbalance in the reporting on this horrific event.

 Hope it publishes ok! 597 more words

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