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Vacuums Get Filled

Syria has descended and into the vacuum has come the Russians with an indifference to life well in tune with the region it is now interfering in. 161 more words


Charles Martel Tote Bag

Charles “The Hammer” Martel was a Frankish statesman and military leader who, in the Battle of Tours (a.k.a., Battle of Poitiers) of 732 A.D., defeated the Islamic invasion of Western Europe to preserve Christendom. 28 more words


82 Killed After Saudi-led Coalition Airstrike Hits Yemen Funeral

Source: Time

By Ahmed Al-Haj / AP

(SANAA, Yemen) — A senior health official in Yemen says an airstrike by a Saudi-led coalition that targeted a funeral hall packed with mourners has killed at least 82 people. 104 more words

The Muslim Times

Dramatic Footage Shows Syrian Girl’s Rescue From Rubble

Source: Time

Dramatic footage of a young Syrian girl’s rescue from the rubble following an airstrike emerged on Friday, the latest in a string of videos highlighting the human toll of war on civilians in the rebel-held areas of Aleppo. 165 more words

The Muslim Times

Iran Ransom Concealed From Military

One might think President Barack Obama would have asked his top military officials to weigh in on his administration’s decision in January to send $400 million in cash to Iran.

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Barbara Lee’s Lone Vote on Sept. 14, 2001, Was as Prescient as It Was Brave and Heroic

By Glenn Greenwald/ The Intercept/ September 11, 2016… 771 more words


Defeating our enemies has been made significantly more difficult by the policies of Barack Obama. No American president has done more to weaken the U.S., hobble our defenses or aid our adversaries.