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WAR & PEACE is Epic: Speaking with Director Tom Harper

Jeri Jacquin

On Bluray and DVD from Anchor Bay Entertainment, TWC and the BBC is the beautifully told story of WAR & PEACE: The Complete Miniseries. 1,808 more words


Book Thoughts: War & Peace

I read War & Peace! I read War & Peace! I read War & Peace! I feel like I need to shout that at everyone now. 1,423 more words


At the End of the Day

The Ferret Wheel

A small south European ferret bit through some wires in the Hadron collider last week, and caused the Big Wheel to be shut down for some time at a cost of millions of euros. 639 more words

8 Creepy Sibling Relationships...

This Sunday, April 10th, is National Siblings Day, and as someone who has an older brother, I get VERY, VERY creeped out by TV siblings that have sexual relations. 758 more words

8 Things

Let's Enable Our Creativity!

There is no shame in the fact that we have been living without full knowledge of the human being, living within societies & systems under the authority of our experts, constructed for the human being. 167 more words


There Can Be No Peace in Syria Until There Is Justice

Whilst the world’s major powers collectively pat themselves on the back for brokering a ceasefire in Syria, they fail to notice that the war, though diluted in its violence, is yet to stop. 877 more words

Paddy Vipond

"ISIS Was Bombed Into Existence"

A must-read: "Treat ISIS Like an Artichoke: A Non-Military Route to the Heart of the Crisis" truth-out.org/opinion/item/3… via @truthout

Fish & Bicycles (@FishandBicycles) …

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