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We Are Now Experiencing a Major Shift in Civilizations and Cultures

The Donald: Crazy or crazy like a fox?

Although from a scientific point of view that most doomsday scenario are mostly unlikely for the near future, there are worldwide signs all over the planet indicating that earth and mankind are now experiencing major changes: a major shift in civilizations is about to happen that started one hundred years ago. 261 more words

Société / Society

Shannon Labrie: War & Peace

Nashville singer-songwriter Shannon LaBrie bares her broken bones with her sophomore album, War & Peace. The album’s 12 moody tracks bleed from the pages of LaBrie’s tear-soaked diary to paint the vivid spectrum of emotions that have colored the singer’s canvas. 509 more words


The Warnings From 61

In 1961 The Outgoing president Dwight D. Eisenhower and New President John F. Kennedy gave immensely important speeches.

The Famous Speeches both had a dire and urgent warning to the American People. 5,191 more words


The Urgent Common Enemy of Right and Left

The on-going clash between left and right is putting at risk the stability of Constitutional democracy, the rule of law, peace, and prosperity.  Conservatives and Liberals must stop shouting at each other long enough to notice and protect more important shared values, and to halt the destruction of institutions in motion now that threatens to destroy us all. 460 more words


Penny For Your Thoughts?

Don’t you think it’s crazy how we all live our lives, telling stories about our past and then listen to others tell their’s. Even though you’re not really listening and nobody really cares if the person they are speaking too is even paying attention in the first place. 422 more words

Spiralling Ideas

An Evolution Of Consciousness

There are many individuals, systems, institutions and ideologies that seek to control you. They lust for power and want to control your habits, your thoughts, emotions, beliefs behaviors, etc. 2,368 more words


If You Have a Thing for Historical TV Shows...

…Then we’d probably be friends. But really, as if the already existing magic of television wasn’t enough, historical TV shows (in my extremely biased opinion) propel you even further into the realm of amazement and drama. 1,361 more words