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Hezbollah, Assad and Syria's Uncertain Future

The recent decision from The White House to remove Hezbollah from the terror list, coupled with statements from John Kerry regarding possible future negotiations with Bashar al-Assad, should worry and enrage us all. 737 more words

Paddy Vipond

Delayed Withdrawal of American Military Troops in Afghanistan

On Tuesday, March 24, President Obama announced he will delay the withdrawal of military troops in Afghanistan after a meeting with Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani. 237 more words


Polish Citizen Groups Preparing for Battle Should Russia Attack

Though Russia has not yet invaded Poland, in fact it has claimed it has no intentions to do so, Polish citizens insist on protecting their homeland just in case Russia some day does try to attack.  214 more words

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Humans Speak, So Warring Makes No Sense...

Humans are complex, and we are able to entertain many thoughts and many variables of thought, simultaneously, so we can survey and analyze, in order to choose the most appropriate measure. 176 more words


Chinese Fighter Jets Have Been Provoking Japan, But How Will Japan React?

As of late, Japan has been firing up their fighter jets in order to scramble Chinese fighter jets that are consistently flying through what is claimed to be Japanese airspace.   484 more words


How and Why the United States and Iran Are Becoming Allies

This is a trying time for Obama as the pressure from congress gets more and more hard to bear for a president facing decisions about the battles in the Middle East.   336 more words

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Washington's Ukrainian Dilemma

Roger Cohen and John Mearsheimer offer contrasting views on the decision to arm Ukraine as it continues to fight Russian-backed separatists.  The issue continues to be divisive with an increasing number of U.S. 238 more words

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