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i would call it terrorism

I feel so sorry for the people in the US today .. because there is nothing positive coming from this AMAZING country anymore.

I have always felt home in the states – and I have many memories from there, I have wonderful friends living there, but today I feel total disgusted – how can something like Charlotteville be allowed to happen. 92 more words

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Here We Go Again.....

So, I’m attempting War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy again. I tried it back in January. It was to be my challenging book for 2017. One of the books I always wanted to read, but got scared of. 209 more words

Discussion: In Translation

When it comes to reading classics by Russian, French, and Spanish authors, I hum and haw a lot over translations. I ask fans of a work, particularly those who have read more than one translation, what they think. 693 more words

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cee's fun foto challenge - tombstones and cemeteries

If there is one place in the world, where I feel total peace and in a harmony with myself … it must be at the Jewish Cemetry in Warsaw. 131 more words

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CfP: Special issue on War & Peace in Organizational Memory

Management and Organizational History

Call for papers

 Special Issue: War and Peace in Organizational Memory


Organizations are known for marking their own centennial, bicentennial and other anniversaries. 1,223 more words

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The appeal and problem with pacifism

Pacifism appeals to all who seek to follow Christ. Jesus said turn the other cheek and to treat your enemies the same as you do your friends. 431 more words

War & Peace

What if civil war came to Texas?

Imagine Texas finally seceding from the Union as so many have blustered through the years. Lots of planning has occurred, and it takes the United States government a while to figure out what to do. 516 more words

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