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Latin dead? No, our American English is...

I came across this  letter from Alexander to Napoleon in War  & Peace and felt so saddened over how communication on the same subject is being texted by our own leader today. 92 more words

Not yours to give.

It is well known that money has now become a political tool for the use in politics. The Obama administration increased those getting welfare in the US. 3,361 more words

War & Peace

Men of God eh?

28 UN General Assembly condemns only Israel on Gaza, cancel American amendment to condemn Hamas as well

The United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday passed a resolution condemning Israel for using excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force during the recent clashes at the Gaza border and calling for an international protection mechanism for the Palestinians. 276 more words

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A Huge Missed Opportunity!

Tonight I saw a video by Ron Paul.

Over the years I have had so much respect for this guy and the fact that he was born years before his time. 73 more words

War & Peace

It gets worse........................


So today President Trump has cancelled a meeting with NK….. a meeting that has been a long time coming…..and considering that NK has full nuclear capability (proven) would be a smart thing to talk about. 570 more words

War & Peace

Iran, Israel,NK

Since day one…….. (and I mean before being elected as the Republican candidate)……… I was sure Trump would be the next president. I even bet $1000 dollars at seven to one in the UK as  I was so sure (my daughter loved her new furniture from that one). 1,964 more words

War & Peace