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Excuse me, while I make like an ape man.

For some reason, this lyric from an old @RayDDavies chestnut keeps popping up in my head. pic.twitter.com/4x70GnCtU9

— Fish & Bicycles (@FishandBicycles) October 11, 2017

Fish & Bicycles

why isn't the questions asked today???

“Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous.
More dangerous are the common men,
the functionaries ready to believe
and to act without asking questions.” … 793 more words

Un/useful Information

Politics - Fear & Loathing With Astrid Lindgren

May 29, 2017

On this Memorial Day I’m reading and listening to stories of war. While I used to sing “…ain’t gonna study war no more…” I think now that to not know that kind of history dooms us to repeat it. 832 more words



aftermath fall out heavy bleed—how heart estranged from freedom excited is —neigh terrifies suspends horse sense—beggars disbelief— roll on part: flexible hours; okay pay—nothing left to lose but loss itself: free food, need photo (portfolio)·roll offpart-time life—study Metamorphoses—Not written much this week — saddo riptide hits have surged—now why would that be?—No wiser come noon—took a path less partaken—Once bitten get fly —What’s going on here? 88 more words


Henry George on trade:

Free trade consists simply in letting people buy and sell as they want to buy and sell. It is protection that requires force, for it consists in preventing people from doing what they want to do.

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